FAQ – Linking Reviews to Your Profile

How can I get my reviews on my Profile?

Any review that is entered into ArtSlant for one of your exhibitions will automatically pull into your Profile as long as you are listed as the artist in the exhibition. Please make sure your name in the exhibition listing matches the name on your ArtSlant Profile exactly. NOTE: There may be exceptions with group show listings. If you were included in an exhibition, but a review is not linking to your profile, please contact us.


Write Your Own Review

ArtSlant loves to hear from our community. Writing reviews of shows you've been to is a great way to contribute! You must be a registered user to write reviews on ArtSlant.

To write a review about an exhibit that is listed on ArtSlant, find the exhibition in our Calendar. On the exhibition listing page you can select write a review from the column of actions on the right side of the page:

Enter a title, and then add the text of your review in the text box. Use the text editing tools to change the font, add images, and links. For example:


All reviews go live immediately on ArtSlant once you click Save. The review will be visible on the Exhibition listing page, the Venue listing page, and your profile. Once you hit Save, you can re-open the text editor page to make changes by clicking on edit article to the right side of the article.



Put the Author's Name at the bottom of the article and include a link to your Artist or Writer Profile.

If you are copying articles from other publications and pasting them onto ArtSlant as reviews, BE SURE to give proper credit to the originating source, and include a link to that source.

If you have opened an ArtSlant profile as a writer, curator, or artist, all your reader reviews will be archived on your Profile page under the Reviews tab—this is a great way to develop a writing portfolio that is easy for the public to access.

Please keep your reviews appropriate for the community. Anything deemed objectionable or inflammatory can be removed by ArtSlant without prior notification.


Including Non-ArtSlant Reviews on an Artist or Curator Profile

If you want to enter a review into your Profile that was written in another publication we suggest you do the following in order to avoid copyright issues:

From you Acount Page, select the Bio tab, under ArtSlant Profile.

Here you can include a PRESS section, either below or above your artist statement or CV.

Add the titles of articles and publications, that you want to link to, including the URL of the review, if published online. Click Save.

Now your outside reviews can be found on your Profile front page, and any ArtSlant reviews can be found under your Reviews tab.