FAQ - Art Resources

>What are the benefits of adding / claiming my resource?

ArtSlant's Art Resources listings are designed for all arts related businesses and can be browsed city-to-city and recommended by our users.  Using the ArtResource Network you can recommend and share your preferred suppliers and services with the arts community.  Art supplies, shipping and storage services, legal and insurance services, PR and marketing, consultants and appraisers, designers, framers and photographers--we encourage you to create or claim your Art Resource page.  Art Resources pages can be customized to include an unlimited slideshow, quick facts for basic information, Google map and description.


ArtSlant wants to give you maximum exposure!
Contact to learn about our specialized advertising packages to promote your upcoming events, products or brand.


ArtSlant has sponsorship programs for network resources.  These are individually developed to provide professional assistance to emerging and established artists. Through these opportunities, we will help participating businesses develop a visibility campaign throughout our worldwide network of artists, arts professionals, buyers and collectors, and arts enthusiasts.

Please email if you would like to become involved as an ArtSlant Sponsor.

>How do I claim my Art Resource page?

When a recommendation is made for an Art Resource, an email is sent with the link to go to your Profile.  Please Register on ArtSlant, then click on the link provided in the email to go to your page.  Once there, please click on "Claim this resource" found at the bottom of your display box on your Profile page.  This will give you ownership of your resource page.

Or - If you wish to find out whether you have an existing Profile on ArtSlant, please type in a part of your company name into the meta-search box found just below ADD CONTENT on our main menu bar.  If you find your company through our search, please open your page and Claim it.

Our resources are focused on a city-by-city basis.  You can see all the resources listed in your city by first selecting the correct city from our city bar at the top of the site.  Then go to COMMUNITY on the menu bar and select Art Resources from the dropdown.  You can search all resources for that city quickly using our category selections.

>What kind of information should I include with my Art resource page?

  • Select the type of resource by using the categories listed in the Type dropdown.
  • Add your contact info: Name, address, hours, phone & website.
  • Add a description of your services in the Description box.  You can embed images, links and other special layout features by using the icons at the top of the text box.
  • Create a slideshow of your products, designs, artists' works or location by clicking on >add and edit images in the CHANGE THIS RESOURCE box.  The image loader will appear at the bottom of your display.  Add as many images as you wish.  The first image in your slideshow becomes your thumbnail.

>My Art Resource is listed in NY, but I would like it to be on all the cities.  Can I do that?

We've designed our Art Resources listings to be city-specific so our ArtSlant users can find products and services locally.  However, our users can easily browse all the cities' Art Resources with one click, so there is generally no need to add multiple Art Resources.  But if you have other locations in different cities, by all means, add an Art Resource listing for each!

>I represent some artists--should I add a venue listing or an art resource?  How can I get their work out there?

There are different options for arts professionals on ArtSlant-- Professional Profiles, Art Resources and Venue listings.  Here are hints to find out which is best for you.

>How do I recommend an Art Resource?

Art Resources are recommended through individuals' Profile pages.  To recommend your favorite Art Resource go to your Profile and scroll down to the >RECOMMENDED ART RESOURCES section and click on [recommend an art resource].  Choose the type of resource you are recommending, then type in the name.  We will search our database for the closest matching names for you to choose from--if you don't see the Art Resource you're referring to, create a new listing.  Then write a brief recommendation about what makes that Art Resource special and click ok.  Your recommendation will then appear on your Profile page as well as on the corresponding Art Resources page--a great way to share information about local services and products!