FAQ - Linking your exhibit or event to your Profile

Why didn't my exhibit link to my Profile page?

As long as your name is included as an Artist or Curator, the exhibit will automatically show up on the Exhibits page on your Profile. If it didn't link up to your Profile page a) your name was misspelled, b) your name was spelled differently than it appears on your Profile, or c) your name was not included or not entered in the correct field.

Go to your Exhibition Display and look for the CHANGE THIS EVENT box on the right. You can only see the CHANGE box if you are logged in, and if you authored the event.

Click on >edit this event and make sure your name is listed in the Artists field (or Curators field).

Your name must be spelled EXACTLY as it is spelled on your Profile for it to link. Make sure all artists names are separated by commas only--no "ands," "&'s," "in collaboration withs," etc.    

Someone else entered the exhibit and the information is wrong. What do I do?

Please contact us at and we will be happy to make any changes.