FAQ - Missing exhibits and events

I added my exhibit and now it is gone. What happened to it?

ArtSlant's Venue and Exhibits & Events listings are city-specific. Exhibits are organized by Key Venues and All Venues. 
If you cannot find your exhibit after you entered it, first look in the Calendar under All Venues. At the top of the Calendar listings you will see the toggle where you can select Show: >all venues.

Secondly, your exhibit may have been moved by a member of the ArtSlant Team to the Worldwide site or to an ArtSlant city more appropriate to the Venue's location. Use the toolbar at the very top of the homepage to navigate between cities. You can search for venues by city.

Or one of the easiest ways to search for an exhibit is to go to your Artist Profile page. Scroll down and see if there is an exhibit listed (it will only appear on your Profile page if you entered your name as it appears on your profile page into the Artist field on the exhibit entry form.)

Hints on how to search for exhibits.

If you search for your exhibit or venue in different ArtSlant cities and it still does not come up, your venue and its associated exhibits may have been "hidden" or removed for one or more of these reasons:

  • Your Exhibit does not comply with ArtSlant's Terms & Conditions
  • The Venue where your Exhibit appears lacks proper address information
  • The Venue where your Exhibit appears is a private residence, private studio, or online gallery
  • ArtSlant has determined that your Exhibit is not open for public view, contains false information, or is attributed to the wrong venue
  • Your Exhibit is of a single artwork that is not on public display

If you believe your Exhibit or Event listing has been removed or "hidden" in error, please contact us. 

Find out more about when to add exhibits and what exhibits we accept here.