FAQ - Entering the venue for your Exhibit or Event

What do I put as the Venue?

When adding an exhibition one of the required fields is the Venue for the exhibition. This is the Place where the exhibition is on display or where the event is located. It's very important to accurately fill in the Venue, as this is how our readers will know where to go to visit your show.


  • As you type in the name of the venue for the exhibit, we will automatically generate a list of venues that we already have in the system and see if there is a match. If you see your venue in the list, go ahead and select it.
  • Make sure you are in the right ArtSlant City before adding any exhibition. If you're not in the correct city, the list of venues that appear in the drop down menu will be useless and you won't find the venue you're looking for. Use the City Bar at the top of the screen to navigate between cities.
  • In the Venue field type in only the name of the venue or gallery where your exhibit is located, not the address. You will be given the option to add the address once you've hit Save.

It asked me if I want to create a "New Venue." What do I do?

If you don't see the venue you're looking for in the drop down list when typing in the venue name, just keep typing the whole name of the gallery and we will create a new venue page when you save the exhibit. Before you create a new venue, double check that you are in the right ArtSlant City/Region. You might not see the venue name because it is listed under a different city. Use the City Bar at the top of the screen to navigate between cities.

Once you've filled out your exhibition information and hit Save, if you've typed a Venue name in that isn't already in our listings, the system will prompt you to Confirm your venue name. We'll give you a list of venues that have similar names and if you see your Venue there, click on it. If not, create a new venue and click >ok and the New Venue form will appear. Fill out all relevant information pertaining to the Venue and then hit Save again. Your exhibition will then be added and a new Venue is created at the same time!

Hints for adding a new Venue

  • Please enter the complete address and city so we can properly geocode the Venue. Venues without addresses will eventually be deleted from our system, along with all their associated exhibits. Please don't enter your personal address here.
  • Be sure to indicate what neighborhood the Venue is in (otherwise it will default to the first neighborhood in alphabetical order).
  • Enter tags relevant to the Venue.
  • Enter as much information as you can regarding contact information, open hours, etc.  
  • Please enter the email and website for the gallery or art space. Do not add your personal website or email here.

My Exhibit is not at a gallery. What should I name the Venue?

If you have a site-specific installation outdoors, an exhibit at a temporary art space, or a show at a cafe or bar you can still add your exhibition to ArtSlant's listings.  

  • Choose a name that will be recognizable for our readers and fill out as much detailed information as possible so they can locate it.
  • Don't put the exhibition title as the name of the venue. That might cause confusion. For example if your exhibition is entitled "ArtSpace 2009", but the location of the show is in a warehouse, it would be best to name the venue something like "Old Warehouse on 22nd St." 
  • Change the Venue Type to Alternative Space and add tags that indicate what type of venue it is.
  • Enter contact info and the website that will provide the most information to our readers about this and future events at that site. For example, if your exhibit or event is taking place at a public park, linking to the Parks Service website might not be the best choice, but linking to the arts organization that is putting on the event would be better.

A Special Request: Please do not add exhibitions to our listings that are at an online gallery or private residence or studio (some exceptions may apply). All exhibitions listed on ArtSlant must be open to the public (if invitation-only please indicate), have viewing hours, start and end date, and an address. ArtSlant reserves the right to remove any exhibitions that do not comply with our Terms and Conditions.