FAQ - How to save your images from exhibits you've added accidentally

I accidentally added an exhibit for each of my images instead of putting them in my slideshow. What do I do?

Go to your Profile Page and scroll down to your >EXHIBITIONS & EVENTS section to view all the exhibitions you've added. If you have a lot of exhibitions listed for the same day, chances are you've added your images as exhibitions, rather than into your slideshow.

Using these hints you can go through all of the "exhibitions" listed on your Profile page and remove them, without losing the images you've uploaded:

  • Click on one of the exhibitions and look at the image you uploaded. Does your name appear under the image?  If it does, and it is spelled exactly as it appears on your Profile page, the image will automatically pull into your slideshow on your Profile. Simply click on >remove this event to delete the exhibition. Your image will remain in the slideshow on your Profile page.
  • If your name doesn't appear under the image on the exhibition page, or it is spelled differently than how your name appears on your Profile, click on >add and edit images in the CHANGE THIS EVENT box on the right. Edit the image and add your name as it is spelled on your profile, then click Reload. Your image should automatically upload into your Profile's slideshow and you can safely remove the exhibition.

To add more images to your slideshow on your Profile page, please select the >edit profile link in your CHANGE box and use the Artworks tab to add more images.