FAQ - When should I add an exhibit?

When should I add an exhibit or event on my profile?

ArtSlant does its best to keep our exhibition listings up to date for all the ArtSlant cities, but we do welcome the input of the community! That's why we've made it easy for any of our registered users to add events and exhibitions--without waiting for a webmaster to approve it.

If you are a participating artist in a public exhibition in a gallery, museum, or alternative space you can list the exhibit on ArtSlant's Calendar. Also, if you are participating in an event such as an Artist Talk or Lecture, you can list the event in our Openings & Events section of the Calendar.  

BEFORE YOU ADD AN EXHIBIT: Try searching for the title of the exhibition or the venue name in our search box first. Sometimes the exhibition you want to add is already listed. Remember ArtSlant venues and events are organized by city, so you first want to select the appropriate ArtSlant city site where the exhibit took/will take place--Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Paris, Chicago, Worldwide, etc.  

If you find your exhibit already listed
on ArtSlant, but your name isn't included in the artist list, or it is misspelled, please contact us at and send us the link to the exhibition. We'll fix it right away.

If you don't find your exhibit already listed hover over ADD on the grey menu bar and you should get a drop down list of choices. Click on >add your exhibit and you will get a form where you can fill in your event info. Another way to get to this page is from your profile page. In your MANAGE MY PROFILE box there is a link where you can >add an exhibit/event.

Hints on adding exhibitions.

A Special Request
: Please do not add exhibitions to our listings that are on an online gallery or at a private residence or studio (some exceptions may apply). All exhibitions listed on ArtSlant must be open to the public (if invitation-only please indicate), have viewing hours, a start and end date, and an address. ArtSlant reserves the right to remove any exhibitions that do not comply with our Terms and Conditions.


Can I add my past exhibits to my profile?

Absolutely! This is a great way to add to the Artslant Network and archive, and to make your profile more accurately reflect your artist biography. We definitely encourage you to add your past exhibits!

A few things to note when entering exhibits:

  • ArtSlant venues and events are organized by city, so if you have exhibited in various cities, you first want to select the appropriate ArtSlant city site where the exhibit took place--Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Paris, Chicago, etc.  We also have a site called "Worldwide" which is appropriate for venues not located in one of our specific cities/regions.
  • Regarding entering your previous exhibits:  Please first check the Venues to see if any of your shows were previously entered as a Group Show. Just send us the list, and we can add your name.
  • With group shows, BE SURE to include the other artists' names in the Artist Field as well as your own. This way, the exhibit will appear properly on the corresponding gallery page.
  • As you type in the name of the venue for the exhibit, we will generate a list venues that we already have in the system and see if there is a match. If you see your venue, go ahead and select if from the list. If you don't see the venue, you can just keep typing the whole name of the gallery and we will create a new Venue page when you save the exhibit.  You will also have an opportunity to enter additional info on the new Venue (address, contact info, etc.).
  • If you include an image(s) for the exhibition listing with your name in the caption as artist, the images should automatically pull into your Profile slideshow as well - two birds with one stone!