FAQ - Duplicate Exhibitions

I just noticed my exhibit is listed twice. What do I do?

In the CHANGE THIS EVENT box on the right hand side of the exhibition display the last link is remove this event where you can remove duplications. To check if you have duplicate exhibit listings go to your Venue display. They should all be listed there. To make any further changes to your exhibit or event use the edit this event link in the CHANGE box.

You can only see the CHANGE box if you are logged in, and if you authored the event or have claimed the Venue page.

If the exhibit is at your Venue and you have claimed your Venue, you should be able to see the CHANGE THIS EVENT box and edit the exhibition's or event's details. To find out how to claim your venue please visit our FAQ's.  

If the exhibition is not at your Venue or you cannot claim the Venue, but you've noticed that there is wrong information listed, please contact us at and we will be happy to make any changes.