FAQ – Showcase Troubleshooting


I can't find the "enter contest" link—where is it?

The enter contest link is located in the MANAGE box which appears on the right hand side of your Artist Profile.  You must be a registered member on ArtSlant and have an ArtSlant Profile to enroll in the Showcase Series. If you have not opened your ArtSlant Artist Profile yet, please see our FAQ's for assistance.

Make sure you are logged in to see the MANAGE box. The enter contest link only appears when enrollment is open for the Showcase Series.


I cancelled my Showcase entry application but I've changed my mind and now it won't let me enter. What do I do?

Once you have begun enrollment in the Showcase Series the enter contest link becomes your my contests link which brings you to your Contest tab in Account.  Look under Contest to see your status and to find the links to resume enrollment.  Be sure your account information is complete on your Contest Dashboard.  If you are still unable to enter the Showcase, please contact us at


I entered the Showcase, but my piece isn't showing up on my profile.  Have I successfully entered?

Your submitted work will only appear on your profile once your enrollment in the competition is complete.  Click on my contests to go to your Contest Dashboard. You will find your status and links to complete enrollment and pay entry fees. 

I was notified that my work is a Showcase Winner, but it isn't showing up on my profile or on the Art page—what happened?

Showcase Winners will be charged a premium placement fee after selection. Commitment to a minimum of one month is a requirement of entry. If your premium placement payment has not yet gone through your winning work won't yet show.  Click on Contests and check your payments historyunder Invoices.  If there are any problems with your payment it will indicate it next to your payment along with a link to correct it.  If you cannot resolve your payments through the contest dashboard please contact us at

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