FAQ – Venues Troubleshooting

Why doesn't my current exhibit's image show up on my venue listing?

Images from exhibition details don't automatically load into your Venue's slideshow. To add images to your Venue slideshow, go to your Venue profile page and click on add and edit images in the CHANGE box on the right side. An add box will appear at the bottom of the display that allows you to create an unlimited slideshow. 

Be sure that your images are in either jpg, gif or png format.  Be sure to add the artist's name, caption information and tags so the image will appear on the artist's profile and on our Art page.

Note that the first image in your slideshow will appear as your venue's thumbnail in our listings. Drag images in your Artworks tab under your profile's Account tab.

My venue is listed in the wrong neighborhood!  How do I change that?

If a Venue's address is not filled out fully when the page is created ArtSlant will locate the venue in the default neighborhood setting, usually the first neighborhood listed in alphabetical order.

To fix your neighborhood on your Venue Display, click on edit this venue in your CHANGE box on the right side of your Venue Display.

Scroll down to the add form and find the dropdown menu box for Neighborhood. Select the proper neighborhood for your Venue and save it.


My Venue used to be listed on ArtSlant, but it disappeared.  Where did it go?

ArtSlant's Venue listings are city-specific. Your Venue may have been moved by one of the ArtSlant Team to the Worldwide site or to an ArtSlant city more appropriate to your Venue's location. Use the toolbar at the very top of the page to navigate between cities.

If you search for your venue in different ArtSlant cities and it still does not come up, your venue may have been "hidden" for one or more of these reasons:

Your Venue does not comply with ArtSlant's Terms & Conditions

Your Venue lacks proper address information

Your Venue is a private residence, private studio

If you believe your Venue listing has been removed or "hidden" in error, please contact us at

My Venue doesn't show up in city listings, or is in the wrong alphabetical order.  How can I fix that?

To streamline our listings on ArtSlant, only Key Venues are listed when browsing the Venues.  To see all Venues please click on the Show: >all venues link at the top of the list.

If your Venue name has changed and now is not appearing in the correct alphabetical order, please contact us at and we will correct it.

ArtSlant has shutdown. The website is currently running in a view-only mode to allow archiving of the content.

The website will be permanently closed shortly, so please retrieve any content you wish to save.