Blue Sky Thinking

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Blue Sky Thinking

Oil painting on canvas.
36 x 48 x 2 inches
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"BLUE SKY THINKING" Original Abstract Oil Painting on Stretched canvas 36"x48". This one is from my "Corporate Series" which deals with some of the expressions/jargons used in the corporate world.This is "Abstract Expressionism" Blue Sky Thinking is original or creative thinking, unfettered by convention. In blue sky thinking there should be no preconceptions. Thinking is as wide and clear as the blue sky. I would say Artsites are a classic example of Blue Sky Thinking. Members contribute ideas spontaneously and help each other solving problems wherever need be. We have become a part of a Creative Community, where people come to meet and share in the spirit of innovation & creativity. I like working together by contributing my ideas and intelligence to create art. By collaborating with individuals across the globe I am trying to create an interesting, innovative art full of thoughts on being creative. Blue Sky is not a pie in the sky. It is good Karma! There are hidden meanings and obtuse symbolisms in my paintings. There is a lot of interplay of colours and forms. An optimistic assumption is made that there will be no obstacles or opposition to implementation of the ideas. This is purely a personal journey, I simply create images that I find to be pleasing. I try to provide an environment for thought - a playground for the mind. You will find in this painting; 'flow of thoughts', 'brain wave'. "Brain storming', 'Mind tree'. ???Out of the blue', 'Networking' etc. My artwork is my interpretation of Corporate/Management topics. No doubt these philosophies apply to our day to day existence also. I would invite the viewer to interact with the images and to develop his or her own meanings from them. My advice to you when viewing my work? Use your imagination! Have fun! Enjoy!! Seshadri
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Blue Sky Thinking
Oil painting on canvas.
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36 x 48 x 2 inches
figurative, nudes, calm, tranquility, Sunrise, sunset, Forests, Wood, paper, landscape, seascape, expressionism, impressionism, oil, Watercolours, acrylics, urban, modern, contemporary, drawings, mixed media, imaginative, classicemotional, canvas, nature, scenery, seasons, corporate, philosophy, original surreal, autumn