Drifting 2

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Drifting 2

May 2013
Artist oil colour on paper
16 x 21 inches
© Copyright Tim Colleran

Price: $462.50

This is a new digital image, at a higher resolution than the previously posted image. The border that is on the original print has been cropped for a clean look digital edition print.  I call it Drifting because it has an easy, hazy, non-committal flow through the work space. I made this print using the following process:                                                                                                                                                                                 The mono print is created by rolling a thin layer of artist oil paint on a glass faced block. Elements of a design are torn, cut or punched out of paper then rolled with appropriate colors of paint and arranged carefully on the painted glass. A sheet of printing stock is registered, dropped onto the glass and rolled with a brayer to force the paint onto the paper's surface. When sufficient pressure has been applied the single print is pulled from the block and dried for a few days. The elements are recycled to print a series of similar but unique compositions. The session continues for as long as possible as the greater the output, the greater the chance that a beautiful print will emerge.

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Drifting 2
May 2013
Artist oil colour on paper
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16 x 21 inches
Copyright Tim Colleran
coincidental, incidental, multicoloured, textural, Organic Shapes