Now at the End

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Now at the End

Pastel and Charcoal Touched with Ink on Prepared Paper, alienation

© Anthony Tablizo


This Drawing is dedicated to everyone who has went through a point in their lives where they feel that no one understands them, no matter how hard they try to get them to understand. Sometimes people just don’t get the hint until it’s too late… I made this drawing in memory of someone who committed suicide. She too had felt that no one cares to listen to what she is actually feeling. She tried so hard to get someone to notice, but at the end all she saw was a world that would only keep moving no matter what she did. So then she decides to look over the side of a building, to see if anyone would notice what she wanted to do. Sometimes there are signs in our lives that are so simple we can only think to ignore them. For her, a sign as simple as “STOP”, wasn’t enough to stop her from going over the edge. All she saw was an end to what was. All she felt was the alienation from everyone who she thought cared. Soon she was blinded from seeing that maybe there is someone who cares. Everything from this point… once the situation was explained to everyone, at the end, did everyone understand.

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Now at the End
Pastel and Charcoal Touched with Ink on Prepared Paper, alienation
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Anthony Tablizo
expressionism, pastel, charcoal, ink, mixed media, city scape, prepared paper, Female figure, figure, paper, alienation, stop, in memory