A Quilt for Gabriela

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A Quilt for Gabriela

Aug 2012
quilt: textiles: cotton and silk and Indian woven fabric
39 x 23 x 1 inches
© Roberta Baker

Price: $1562.50

It is interesting how things come together sometimes ! I had just finished this quilt, when my friend Gabriela ( who is also a quilter ) gave me the sad news that her mother had crossed over.  I decided to name this quilt in her honor, and when I showed it to her, we both saw that it really did represent in a compassionate way what has been going on in her life: She said that she felt that the woman standing by the lake represents herself, and the woman at the top of the quilt, in the sky, is her mother. When I was creating the quilt, I myself felt that there would be a kinship and spiritual communication between the two women although at the time, I had no idea who they were!

Stylistically, this quilt is mainly constructed of thin strips of fabric, gradated in color, to become the earth, sky and clouds. This is a technique that I often enjoy using and which I call a "tone poem". There is some "water" fabric in shades of grey at the bottom, and a central focal point of the lake of deep blue. I had appliqued the two women onto the landscape, their bodies created from folding and draping of fabric.

I feel that there is a vertical transition from earth to ethereal and an over all feeling of tranquility to this piece.



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A Quilt for Gabriela
Aug 2012
quilt: textiles: cotton and silk and Indian woven fabric
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Other Medium
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39 x 23 x 1 inches
Roberta Baker
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