Chrystal's epicode : Tate Modern Members Room- Beautiful landscape.

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Chrystal's epicode : Tate Modern Members Room- Beautiful landscape.

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© Ye-oul Son


Chrystal has collected quite a lot of work in a virtual space called "Welcome to the culture". She connects to this place in her spare time after a weekend, a holiday, or even after work. Because of that, she is a pretty important collector here. But she now wants to close her account and leave in this space. The pieces of art she has will be sold at 25 percent of the price she bought. Her decision to do this was after the last tour of the London cultural tour.

 She decided to go on a London tour with her boyfriend as a recommended tour package for two nights and three days on Independence Day and Weekend. This boyfriend who met in a virtual space has a lot of knowledge in this field. It was thanks to her boyfriend that she, who has not known anything about fine arts before he met, was able to purchase a good piece of art.

 On the first day, I saw an exhibition of a famous photographer at Tate Modern and drank coffee in the members room. And then walked along the bank of the Thames and visited the White Cube gallery on the recommendation of him. I also heard that it is a small but influential gallery. So if there was a good piece of work, I had planned to buy it.

But she changed her mind when I saw the ‘Fragment’ exhibition of Ibrahim Mahama, a Ghanaian artist there. In the 9X9X9 space, there were birth record documents of babies born in ACCRA Met between 2015 and 2016. She looked over the documents and stopped front of one birth record document and look at that for a while. She told her boyfriend that she wanted to see other Ibrahim works too. She went to the most inner room to see his big project film "Exchange Exchanger 2013-2016”. She looked at the movie for a long time and went out of the gallery. Then she suddenly stopped traveling on the grounds of Boss’ call that the company had an urgent matter. She left the server.

She left a message and posted the photos about the trip on the social network as below.

I thought that I should leave here when I saw Ibrahim’s work at White Gallery. In front of my sister's birth registration…..I could see who I am, a coincidental conjunction, it is coincidental but seems to be so inevitable Also there,  It seems that there be somebody know I am born in Ghana and who my family is. Moreover, when I saw my young mother, but now she is elderly, sewing jute sacks with a needle in his film. My mom told me to get out of there. Where is this? And who is he? I come to doubt the existence of my boyfriend I met there. I thought that I was enjoying the life full of the sense of art as a cultural person and I bought a lot of the art. He helped me to do that.

Who are they ... I will close my account.

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Chrystal's epicode : Tate Modern Members Room- Beautiful landscape.
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Ye-oul Son