Kunsthaus Zürich

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A Disconcerting Happiness

by Frances Guerin
    At the entrance to the Zurich Kunsthaus, in their temporary exhibition space is a compelling exhibition by Romanian artist, Mircea Cantor, Tracking Happiness. Despite Mircea being a man, everything about the works in Tracking Happiness spoke to me as the art of a woman might: sweeping, organizing the domestic space, protecting children, cooking. The centerpiece of the exhibition, at least, the piece that gives the exhibition its title, fills the intimate space of the gallery with a... [more]
Posted by Frances Guerin on 9/21/09

The Absence of Mark Manders

by Olga Stefan
        Mark Manders' work, now on view at the Kunsthaus Zurich, is at once mysterious, off-putting, engrossing, and sometimes down-right eerie. But throughout, the installations/sculptures of Mark Manders are extremely poetic. His installations are composed of varying pieces that are used as Lego blocks, with which he constructs his "self", and by rearranging these components, he is able to build new and different selves, or identities. And as with all good poetry, his work is not to be... [more]
Posted by Olga Stefan on 5/11/09