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Galerie Jamileh Weber
Waldmannstrasse 6
8001 Zurich
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Tue - Fri 9am - 1pm, 1.30pm - 6pm; Sat 10am - 4pm
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Jamileh Weber opened her gallery in Zurich in 1974. At that time a group of young artists was emerging in Zurich who were making personal, complex, narrative statements at a time when critical attention addressed itself, for the most part, to "mainstream art" (including "minimalism", "color-field", "pop", and impersonal art). It was this very exciting, local phenomenon in Zurich that prompted Jamileh Weber to become involved with living artists. By 1980, s he had established a stable of artists there, such as Mario Comensoli, Manon, Rosina Kuhn or Alex Sadkowsky.
Comensoli 75 - Manon 76

In addition to those artists, from the very beginning, her special interest and aim also lied in architecture and the gallery supplemented in the Eighties this predilection with exhibitions with world famous architects such as Le Corbusier, Pritzker prize winners Aldo Rossi (Il libro azzurro), Hans Hollein, Fumihiko Maki and Jaques Herzog & Pierre De Meron for example.
Rossi 83 - Hollein 85,

By the time Jamileh Weber opened her new gallery space in the heart of the city of Zurich in 1982, her stable had become more and more international and she directed a special attention to American artists, namely Robert Rauschenberg and Frank Stella.

It is back in 1988 when a wonderful friendship and long collaboration with Robert Rauschenberg started with the sensational exhibition "Paintings & Gluts".
Rauschenberg/Weber 88 - Rauschenberg/Tinguely 88

Since then nine major solo exhibitions have taken place in Zurich: 1989, 1991 (opening attending John Cage and Jean Tinguely), 1993, 1994 (Off Kilter Keys), 1995 (Quake in Paradise - A Labyrinth), 1996 (Anagrams), 1997 (Quattro Mani - a collaboration with Darryl Pottorf), 1998 (Anagrams (A Pun)), 2001 (Short Stories).
Rauschenberg/Weber/Cage_91 - Rauschenberg_93 - Rauschenberg_95 - Rauschenberg _96

In 1989 Jamileh Weber had the unique opportunity to move in a 8600 square feet factory building in Zurich's West-end, known as the Schoeller-Areal. Short after, the Kunsthalle Zurich and a couple of young, enthusiastic galleries moved in and this temporary spot became the birthplace of the astonishing world wide importance of the art market place Zurich known today.
Hardturm 89 - Rauschenberg 89 - Rauschenberg/Weber_89

After the inaugural show with Robert Rauschenberg, a breathtaking exhibition took place, with one of the world's leading painters, Frank Stella, presenting monumental metal reliefs and paintings from the major series of works linked with Herman Melville's classic novel Moby-Dick.

Other major shows followed: Jean Tinguely (1990 with Milena Palakarkina), Sean Scully (1991), Catherine Lee (1991) or the very first presentation of young Swiss artist Jahanguir (1992-93) and Robert Rauschenbergs artist friend Darryl Pottorf (1993).
Weber/Tinguely 90 - Lee 91 - Jahanguir 92 - Pottorf 93

After destruction of the Schoeller-Areal in 1995, the gallery moved back into the heart of the city of Zurich, to his present location at Waldmannstrasse 6, 8001 Zurich. Like the former galleries this space was rebuilt by Jamileh Weber's husband Prof. Dolf Schnebli. He turned an early 20th Century manufactory into a spacious and light flooded gallery.

The first show in March 1995 was dedicated to famous German painter and sculptor Georg Baselitz.
Baselitz 95 - Baselitz/Weber 95

A selection of following major exhibitions at the Waldmannstrasse: Robert Rauschenberg (1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, Short Stories 2001), Swiss painter Pia Federspiel, the first posthumous presentation of max bill (1995-96) in collaboration with the estate, Ingeborg Lüscher (1996), Jahanguir (1996, 1998-99), Darryl Pottorf (1996, 1997, 1999), Richard Serra (prints - 1997), Joel Shapiro (1997, 1999), Sean Scully (1997-98), the first major gallery presentation of Swiss painter Alois Lichtsteiner (1998, 2000) and Karl Gerstner (1999), Markus Lüpertz (paintings and sculptures - 2000-01), Georg Baselitz (recent paintings - 2001) and Rebecca Horn (Blue Bath - 2001).
Bill_95 - Lüscher 96 - Jahanguir 96 - Pottorf 97 - Shapiro 97 - Scully 97 - Lichtsteiner 98 - Jahanguir 98 - Lichtsteiner 00 - Lüpertz 00 - Baselitz 01 - Horn 01

A very special event took place November 7, 1999, when Jamileh Weber celebrated her 25th gallery anniversary, welcoming Georg Baselitz, Pia Federspiel, Karl Gerstner, Jahanguir, Alois Lichtsteiner, Ingeborg Lüscher, Darryl Pottorf, Robert Rauschenberg and Joel Shapiro among the well-wishers.
Group 99

Throughout these almost 30 years, the Jamileh Weber Gallery has continually searched for work that is unique and resists to a certain dilution. Jamileh Weber does not promote any particular "style" nor does she even think of art that way. It is primary the quality of an artwork that counts, always in reference to its time but challenging the timeless.