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Looking into L’Origine Du Monde

by Kate Wolf
        Despite its heavily researched investigation into the various branches of post-colonial thought and theory, there’s still actually a great amount of black humor, however uncomfortable, in the work of Candice Lin. At Lin’s current solo show at François Ghebaly Gallery, I entered the gallery to see a white ceramic sculpture of the bottom half of a female form sitting on a platform, , 2010. You must look directly into the genitalia to see the video playing inside, literally... [more]
Posted by Kate Wolf on 11/23/10

Bayles in Chinatown

by Ed Schad
Dan Bayles paints the dead of winter, perhaps the day the wind lifts and knocks the tired and long departed leaves off their branches -- outside Bayles’ windows, broken paths and cracked sidewalks, faded colors rustling out their last passages of defeated whimsy. The paintings are not apocalyptic scenes, but instead are grey exercises in mid-winter chill as pale hues. Resolve towards spring has not yet arrived. Each scene out in the world -- the winter, the leaves, the trees, are viewed... [more]
Posted by Ed Schad on 12/7/09

Beloufa in Chinatown

by Ed Schad
The art we make today – frequently fractured and scattered – often assumes that older and more unified ways of thinking have been either lost entirely or are being replaced. Neïl Beloufa’s current show at Francois Ghebaly's new space takes a different, perhaps more honest approach. His film Kempinski, shot in Mali completely unscripted and simply allowing people in Mali a moment to speak, reveals animist, ancient ways of thinking coexisting in a modern world, and this truth about the world... [more]
Posted by Ed Schad on 9/14/09

Michael Muller

by Ed Schad
Michael Muller divides his time between Germany and Tibet, and his engagement with Tibetian culture and philosophy is a large part of his work, mostly ideas of division, unity, and change. His drawings and sculptures at Chung King Projects are separated in two sections. In the main body of the gallery, you see eastern philosophy kissed meditations on New York Abstract artists like Rothko, Pollock, Kline, and Ryman. They are lean, subtle works – at times, the simplicity betrays the labor of... [more]
Posted by Ed Schad on 9/14/08

Art at Chung King

by Nancy Lupo
Something happened at Chung King Project and it looks like art.  There is a half beaten piñata hanging open.  Goose down and hard candies wrapped in reflective Mylar have slopped out onto the gallery’s pseudo-industrial grey floor.  There are three more piñatas covered with feathers and tied up.  They wait in a clump for another customer and another break.  During the forty-five minuets I spent in the gallery, an older man came in, picked up a few pieces of candy and ate them while sitting... [more]
Posted by Nancy Lupo on 9/23/07