Soft Focus Institute

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Soft Focus Institute
Nieuwevaart 124/001
9000 Ghent
Venue Type: Alternative Space
Open hours
Wed - Sun, 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Soft Focus Institute is an independent community happily located in the periphery. It introduces a neverending stream of artists/tendencies/ideas through critical reflection & social gathering.

Optimize your happiness.
Lower barriers for experimentation.
Take the long view.
Be nice.
Cultivate a culture of mindfulness and meaning.

What about Ego?

Soft Focus Institute is an environment for non-ego.
‘Ego ma non troppo’ Or: I, but not too much. Attention for the individual, but also for the group. And the world, society, dreams, desires, God (s), sense and nonsense, nature.

Take a look at who you ARE.
Are you a light in this world, shining bright for the younger generations to see their way in these dark times?
Being a model of your role?
Or are you hiding your light under the fear generated by the imbalanced Ego?

It’s the economy, stupid!

Sensitizing the relation between art & economy is cool. Therefore we focus on stimulating research & experiment within the existing economic parameters.

The public

Hey, and then there is the human experience: the making of, the installment, the talks, the walks, the dinners.
Soft Focus Institute is for all!
How about we meet in real life.