5, 26 m³

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5, 26 m³
Ebertplatz Haltestelle, Zwischeneben, Ausgang Turiner Str. / Eigensten 50670 Köln
50670 Cologne
Nordrhein Westphalen
Venue Type: Alternative Space

  5,26 m³ is a non profit art space in the Ebertplatz U-Bahn Station in the city of Cologne, Germany.



Dear All,

5,26 m³  is the name from the new space we will be running at Ebertplatz. The name refers to the total volume of two windows display.  In a 4-week-cycle we will be glad  to invite different people from all around to exhibit their work.

truly yours.

5,26 m³/cometogetherprojekt/the crew