Iao: Acme Burger Company (Iao: ABC)

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poster for Iao PROJECTS at Acme Burger Company, 2008 Inkjet Print Variable © qi peng / Artists Rights Society (ARS) New York
photograph of Iao: Acme Burger Company location
Iao: Acme Burger Company (Iao: ABC)
275 South 200 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
Venue Type: Alternative Space

Jerry Hardesty
Open hours
Monday-Thursday: 11 am-10:30 pm; Friday-Saturday: 11 am-midnight or so; Sunday: 11am-9pm
(801) 755-4659
Other phone
(801) 257-5700
Gallery type
street-art/graffiti/pop, contemporary, specialty/retail, emerging, international, experimental, club/café, performance, photography, 20th-century

Iao: Acme Burger Company (or abbreviated as Iao: ABC) is an ambitious expansion of the successful Iao PROJECTS ( into a large-scale restaurant space at Acme Burger Company ( located at 275 South 200 West in downtown Salt Lake CIty. Founded in November 2008, owner Alan Ireland and gallery director Albert Wang decided to collaborate on an exciting alternative art space which features cutting-edge, thoughtful selections from the Iao PROJECTS inventory. Iao: Acme Burger Company will act as a primary exhibition space that complements the 9th and 9th District space for the original Iao PROJECTS. Featuring both solo and group shows, Iao: Acme Burger Company will showcase challenging and extraordinary ideas that extend beyond the boundaries of the original concept of an office gallery.

Also Iao: Acme Burger Company will behave as a contemporary art museum/large-scale venue for the Salt Lake City to draw in large city art fanatics into the Salt Lake City area. Going against the trends of academic art, this space becomes a voice of intellectual and spiritual dissent and choir for the desert landscape as a counterpoint/counterpart to other art locations throughout the Southwest such as the Laboratory at Belmar and the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Denver. Mr. Ireland and Mr. Wang are pleased to offer Salt Lake City a place where dialogue between the personal and public entities can be sparked by selected pieces from the artists of Iao PROJECTS and Iao: Acme Burger Company.