Gallery Chrysothemis

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Gallery Chrysothemis
20, 25 Martiou, Chalandri
15232 Athens
Venue Type: Gallery
Open hours
11:00-14:00 & 18:30-21:00
old-masters/classical, contemporary

Gallery Chrysothemis was launched in spring of 1979 at Halandri under the direction of Zoi Psarrou. It was the first art gallery in the region of Athens. Its name? Work from the hand of the poet Giannis Ritsos.

Like Zoi Psarrou herself notes: "I deliberately chose decentralization because I think the visibility and function of art is not geographically defined. Everyone senses and identifies the goodness, when and where exists, and he/she appreciates it".

...From the very beginning, "Chrysothemis" found support from the local authority and its citizens which resulted to its spread in the wider area. It also found support in the presence of prominent intellectuals and artists, whose work has been presented in memorable exhibitions. With true emotion, I mention those who do not exist anymore: G. Ritsos C. Sikeliotis, G. Vakirtzis, K. Tsara. Yet, I would not have achieved anything if it were not the artists themselves: painters, sculptors, engravers. New and noteworthy artists who many of them made their start in "Chrysothemis" only to continue at more prevailing venues. We are contesting throughout the year by changing between new and potential artists.

From January 2010, Lida Panagiotopoulou, writer and teacher of classics, has taken on the supervision for the Gallery.

Thus, "Chrysothemis" continues to function smoothly while maintaining its core principles, co-working with already established artists and paving roads to new ones, always believing that true art involves authenticity, honesty as well as anguish and anxiety; elements that lead to the development of the artist rather than to his/her complacency.

The art Gallery is a place for culture, where one feels welcomed and "discusses" with art in a creative way.

The need of an almost daily contact with artistic creations as well as participation in the events that "Chrysothemis" is running at times is a "way of living" with true quality against the meanness of times.