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Now Gallery
Mezzanine Floor, Ecoplaza Building
2305 Pasong Tamo Extension
1231 Makati
Venue Type: Gallery
Open hours
Mon-Sat 11-7
(+632) 555-0683
(+632) 555-0684
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NOW is an artspace on 'gallery row' on Pasong Tamo ext. in Makati City, Philippines that exhibits an exciting range of modern to contemporary art. Every month, a number of artists are featured in different halls at the gallery.

In July 2011, Now Gallery officially opened its doors and began its journey in sharing its vision of modern and contemporary art with the public. What do we consider to be good art that we will strive to exhibit? What will differentiate us from other galleries? What kind of art will we be showing? And which path will we take going to the future?

We believe art needs to be beautiful, whether it be an old master, a modern or contemporary piece of art. It should take your breath away at first instance. By this, we do not mean beauty in a ‘decorative’ sense. Beauty as we define it, has many facets to it; it may be visually, or conceptually beautiful.

We will exhibit the best of both modern and contemporary art.  How does one distinguish one from the other? Modern art seeks to re-interpret aesthetic conventions and depictions of reality but ultimately still strives to create art that is objectively beautiful, even purely on a visual level, espousing different principles and styles or ‘isms’.

Contemporary art, however, is more sociological than aesthetic. It tries to comment on contemporary issues in society, which in our view, should be done in an inventive, clever and original way. It should be technically difficult to produce, or superior in its execution, whatever the medium may be. It can refer to previous artists and appropriate them in a dialogue with the past, but at the same time, good contemporary art should push the envelope further, and not just mimic what has come before it.

Now Gallery will look into the future and seek to exhibit art that is on the cutting edge of contemporary art; but at the same time it will look back at the past and pay homage to modern art or even old masters. In the west, art that has never been done before is valued highly and get critical acclaim. In the east however, we have a tradition of valuing art that is done today based on how well they have equaled the works of masters who have preceded them. Now will take a balanced view and fuse both approaches.

Our space is designed to be able to exhibit the breadth of mediums of art that we have today; from painting, sculpture, photography to video, installations, digital art, performance art and new media. Having a global outlook, we favor Filipino artists who exhibit the same internationalist viewpoint. Going forward, we hope to bring relevant international artists to Now, and likewise bring the best of Filipino talent to other countries abroad through our international network.

While we aim to exhibit top Filipino modern and contemporary art, we will also take a look at fresh talent and the next generation of artists, and those we believe have been overlooked, or forgotten, young and old.

Patrick Reyno
Now President and Founder