Living Arts

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Living Arts
307 E. Brady
Tulsa, OK
Venue Type: Gallery

You can find us at 307 East Brady Street. We currently house a gallery, performance space, media center, education area and our main offices. Living Arts LAB is located at 308 South Kenosha Avenue in Tulsa, OK. LAB currently houses nine individual artists’ studios, as well as, a research and development area referred to as “The LAB”. The program utilizes venues throughout the Tulsa area.

Living Arts keeps an active Board of Directors who are intentionally diverse in their make up. Directors are from both the business and the art sectors of the community and there is always one more artist on the board than non-artist. In addition to not missing more than two meetings in a row, each Director must serve on one of Living Arts’ Programming and Administrative Committees.

The Advisory Board is a separate group made up of key persons who are called in to advise or otherwise give aid to Living Arts in situations which arise on an as-needed basis.

Living Arts sends out a “Call for Proposals” annually and accepts proposals from local and national communities at large. Proposals from the community are presented by the Artistic Director to the Myers Gallery, Performance, New Music, Video, Education, New Genre Festival and Day of the Dead Committees, who then decide what they wish to present the following season. Their recommendations and budgets then go before the Board of Directors for final economic approval.