Pryor Fine Art

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Pryor Fine Art
764 Miami Circle, Suite 132
Atlanta, GA 30324
Venue Type: Gallery
Ann Stone
Open hours
Monday - Friday 10:00 - 5:00, Saturday 11:00 - 5:00

At Pryor Fine Art we find that the thrill and joy of dealing art comes from close relationships with artists and patrons alike.  Nurturing our artists to continue to create and evolve is just as satisfying as sharing their work with our clients.

Our new location on Miami Circle boasts an impressive 5500 square feet of gallery space. Multiple large windows flood the gallery in natural light, and the raw concrete floors add to the beautiful aesthetic of the interior. Artists represented include Dusty Griffith, Felice Sharp, Dennis Campay, Kim Schuessler, Meredith Pardue, and John Folsom. 

Pryor Fine Art brings original artwork that is revered and collected for it’s artistic integrity.  Each of our artists is bestowed with the competence and skill to create paintings that can change the way people look at things.  Art is not solely about the skill of rendering something that one sees, it is the essence of life.  That impulsive creativity, invention and evolution that our artists imbue, allows the work to transcend the boundaries of pure representation and develop into artistic expression.

It is our goal to present artists and paintings that transcend and transform everyday objects and moments, all the while, providing the collector with a peaceful place to connect with these emotive paintings.  Pryor Fine Art is proud to represent local and national artists. Please visit our website for the complete lists or artists and to view our inventory.