VÍNDICA Gallery-Ags.

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VÍNDICA Gallery-Ags.
Av. Alameda 821 esq. Av. Tecnológico
Col. Héroes
20170 Aguascalientes
Venue Type: Gallery

Víndica AguascalientesWoman's World Museum,Gran Hotel Alameda

The Víndica Gallery takes as a principal target to promote the Artwork of Mexican and foreign artists offering to them spaces for individual and collective exhibitions with the intention of announcing his work and of helping to his quotation on the market of the art.

As part of the project of the Woman's World Museum, he collaborates with all kinds of natural or moral persons who take as an interest, mission or vision to help to develop the art and the culture in our country.

In this occasion, the Víndica Gallery works in collaboration with Art'Ous (Development and Management of Cultural Projects) and the Great Hotel Alameda, who offers his spectacular facilities to frame this most beautiful Exhibition so called "PERMUTATIONS", giving the welcome to his associates and guests assembled owing to the national tournament of golf, generating in turn the Cultural Expression in Juriquilla.

With the cooperation of: Great Hotel Alameda, Summits of the Lake, Art and Culture of Central Mexico and Secret Huasteca.