Homa Art Gallery

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Homa Art Gallery
No. 58 Babak Bahrami St.
Between Zafar & Niayesh Vali Asr Ave. Tehran
Iran, Islamic Republic of
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16 - 20
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Homa Gallery was inaugurated at the onset of the Iranian Year of 1384 (March 2005), with an exhibition of portraits by 16 well-known Iranian contemporary painters. Its physical facilities are located on a 185 meter square premises, and comprise three distinctly separate sections, a) the main exhibition area, b) an artifact gift shop; and c) office facility incorporating selections from the Gallery’s private collection .The main objectives of the gallery include:

promoting Iranian contemporary art, domestically and internationally;
organizing exhibition of visual art works, with a focus on modern paintings and sculptures;
creating a suitable environment for promoting young and potential artists; and
establishing linkage with art galleries outside Iran and exchanging art works.
Since its establishment, in addition to regular (2-3 weekly) exhibitions, the Gallery has initiated a number of special programmes which have been widely acclaimed; these were:

“celebrating 60 years of painting by Hanibal Alkhas” – one of the recognized pioneers of modern painting in Iran;
an exhibition of the works of the late Mohamad Shivaie (“Kakou”) – 5 years since his last exhibition in Iran. Kakou is best known as the pioneer in cubic painting in Iran; and
an exhibition of paintings by 15 of the most well-known painters in two generations, dating back to the onset of contemporary painting in Iran, including works by Sepehri, Pilaram, Mohasses, Oveisi and others.
During the summer of 2005, the Gallery introduced 3 new and young artists through organizing first exhibition of their works; this event was well received by a wide range of people and art critics. Likewise, efforts have been made, and being continued, in promoting contemporary painters in cities outside Tehran. So far, two exhibitions have been organized for two artists from Yazd and Isfahan.

With the continuation and expansion of its activities in the coming years, Homa Art Gallery hopes to further establish itself as a high quality art centre for serving the art-loving communities.

گالري هما بهار1384 به  اهتمام انوشه یاد پرویزملکی و با مدیریت هنگامه معمری آغاز به کار کرد؛ از آن روزها تا به امروزمیزبان بیش از یکصد نمایشگاه انفرادی و جمعی و متولی رخدادهای مختلفی بوده ایم.


ترویج آثار فرهنگی وایجادبسترمناسب برای معرفی هنر معاصر و جستجو و تشویق نسل نو از کلی ترین اهداف ما در حوزه تجسمی است.هما از طریق مشاوره های خود گنجینه های فرهنگی و کلکسیونهای بخش خصوصی را تقویت مینماید و با این خط مش می کوشد امکان جدیدی را برای تعامل میان هنر و جامعه فراهم آورد.گرداوری و نمایش مستمر اثار چند نسل از هنرمندان نوگرای قرن بیستم و ایجاد فرصت نمایش برای هنر معاصر ، فرصتی است مغتنم برای ادای احترام به فرهنگ ایرانی.