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Metz Expo Evènements, Rue de la Grange au Bois
BP 45059 - 57072 Metz Cedex
Venue Type: Alternative Space

Gallery type

art.metz offers a wide range of the contemporary expression by favouring diversity and supporting the presentation of works and media such as photography, video, digital art, drawing, installations and performances.

Distinct areas dedicated to these expressions, “young talents” pavilions for students and young artists oriented to these ways of creation, stands and partitions specifically realized to make it easier to hang and present works, galleries defending these expressions, research of sponsors to help financing the installation, as many axis of work for our team.

Our contacts with the countries and regions members of the Grand Region : Lorraine, Luxemburg, Saarland, Rhenanie Palatinat and Belgium are consolidating and intensifying and some projects confronting local and neighbouring actors to actors of the art scene coming from partner countries :  Argentina, China, South Korea, Spain are about to be submitted to the institutions for financial support.

art.metz has always wanted to be a privileged moment of encounters, meetings, networking and contacting while favoring the acquisition of works. The presence of artists on the site, the galleries joining us, the always increasing  public frequentation and a growing interest in France and abroad for what we are trying to do are as many positive signs.
art.metz, a different proposal for an art fair.