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Polaroid Sketches

by Charlie Schultz
There are stories of Michelangelo burning the sketches for his paintings when he felt the paintings were complete. Some have likened the burning to a sort of sacrificial birth right, cutting the cords of creation, so to speak, allowing the painting to come into a life of its own. And for a long time sketches stayed out of the light, attracting little attention, but what their absence created was a certain mysticism about the creative process. With few sketches to show for such masterful... [more]
Posted by Charlie Schultz on 3/16/09

The Good Gimmick

A seamless aluminum line wraps around the room displaying hundreds of small photographs at eye level. It is a display gimmick, but not all gimmicks are unsuccessful. The elongated format creates a cinematic feel. The overwhelming flutter of images attacks like spam and it becomes useless to dwell on any one frame. Themes wash over the viewer- meat, sex, light, color, reflection, transparency, and significant detail. [more]
Posted by Jesse Hensel on 3/25/09

School Is in For Summer by Charlie Schultz

by Charlie Schultz
If you’re looking for conceptual splendor and mind whirring displays of contemporary art, this show is bound to disappoint.  However, if your aim is simply to see some true jewels in the realm of the painted canvas then you could do no better than Old School. In an effort to illuminate the influence of the old on the new, masterful works from the Brueghel family, Cranach (the Elder), and Jacob Van Swanenburgh, hang intermixed with contemporary paintings by John Currin, Glen Brown, and Julie... [more]
Posted by Charlie Schultz on 7/26/07