F_AIR - Florence Artist in Residence

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F_AIR - Florence Artist in Residence
via San Gallo 45R
50129 Florence
Venue Type: Gallery
lucia giardino
Open hours
Mon. - Thu. 3.00 PM – 8.00 PM; Fri. 1.00 PM – 5.00 PM
055 0332950

F_AIR - Florence Artist in Residence

F_AIR is the brand-new space for contemporary art in Florence. Its concept is to communicate the vivacious and dynamic fine arts department of Florence University of Arts, including an artist in residency program and art gallery open to the general public.

F_AIR's primary characteristics are fluidity, transparency and trans-versality, all emphasized by the architecture of the space.

F_AIR's studios for painting, sculpture, ceramics, mixed media, and the resident artist’s living and working quarters are open spaces; they unfold around the main courtyard and blend to encourage a continuous exchange of ideas between students in class and the artists who live on-site.

F_AIR's art gallery floor is visibly cut by a transversal line of light for the double purpose of addressing the working areas of the FUA fine arts department and to emphasize the conceptual approach of trans-versality between the arts, languages, and issues proposed by F_AIR. The space displays works and projects created by renowned artists, those created by emerging artists, as well as projects of promising art students.

Primarily devoted to the growth and education of our students, F_AIR was conceived to be lived and experienced by all.  Guests such as artists, curators, educators, professionals, and speakers will be invited for open art talks, demonstrations, and events in order to expand the boundaries of Florence and connect the city to the surrounding world, as well as to offer a firsthand experience with contemporary art.