Palazzo Ducale - Sale del Castellare - Urbino

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EXECUTION, 2020 © Christian Zanotto
Palazzo Ducale - Sale del Castellare - Urbino
Piazzale Duca Federico
61029 Urbino
Venue Type: Museum
Famiglia Margini - Milano -
Gallery type

The Famiglia Margini Cultural Association is pleased to present “Terzo Rinascimento” (“Third Renaissance”), a group exhibition that will take place at the Palazzo
Ducale in Urbino from the 1st of April untill the 3rd of May 2010.


The ingenious contemporaneity of the Milanese Famiglia Margini, arrives in Urbino, one of the most beautiful cities of the Renaissance, in order to propose a
selection of artists who represent the possibility of evolution in aesthetic
language. Angelo Cruciani and Grace Zanotto lead out to the Utopian City an
exhibition that sets out to redefine the value of Beauty in society, using
expressive codes mirrored in the speed of current consumption, extrapolating
peaks of conceptual experimentation.


The exhibition sets forth as one true creative/experimental investigation in search of a new Renaissance. Italians genetically understand harmony and for centuries
have defined the taste of gesture, developing the divine gift of creativity by
studying nature in its absolute perfection.


From alterations of painting techniques to recycling and assemblage sculpture; from video art to photography; from performance to visual poetry: it is a variety that defines
itself over the confusion and serial iconography that characterizes the era of


As the media rush to spread the terror of the imminent 2012 Apocalypse, catastrophism paints the future black with fear. "The Third
Renaissance", thus responds with positive, visionary and hopeful images,
yet, conscious of social conflict. Rebirth, means abandoning the past to
flourish and spiritually evolved.


The last certainties collapsed, ideals and ideologies worn out by that cynicism which was the precursor of absolute truths, man is now left only with the path
of Beauty and undying Faith - with those essential values which, at the dawn of
time, made him need to create the Art.


The course of art as imitation of nature is over, having experienced the emptiness and the psychological destruction generated by the understanding of the dogmas
of the cosmos, the autonomy of man as the heart of the Created is defined.


The artist must return to occupy the role that was intended for him: to promote civil education, Ethics and Politics; to produce a Beauty that can educate
spectators on the most authentic values of being. Art must lead to a true
contemplation, be able to communicate with everyone, be recognized for its true
value and for its ability to unlock the doors of elsewhere. Only the solace of
faith in Beauty can give definitive answers.


Famiglia Margini arrives in Urbino to launch a challenge, to confront not only from experts, scholars or insiders, but also (and primarily) from the wider public -
beginning with the Contemporary Art lovers to end with its most radical

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