Gallery "Kurija" Sesvete

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Gallery "Kurija" Sesvete
The Museum Prigorje Zagreb
Venue Type: Gallery
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Jasna Dragun
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The result of solo exhibitions of paintings and drawings in the gallery of "curing" in the Museum Prigorje Sesvete, for whose setup and foreword responsible excellent prof. Cherry Slavica Gabout. To quote from the preface: "Here no one missed the best government is Jasna Dragun watercolor - the airy, fluid technique, where her brush, painting flowers, slips on the ground and bathed in diluted, razlivenoj color grabbing, but knowing where they should form a where they should be, let it vanishes in a white background. On the other hand, the darling of her drawings and they can cope well by drawing landscapes and rural views. Here, tell stories, there is a lower association and there seemed to meet reality and illusion, memory and vision. Art, the government line, which shows the liberated hand, and the line free "flying" and does not veer as dictated by the imagination. "