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Looking Back at Looking Back

by Aaron Carpenter
Corin Sworn’s is being packed up and shipped off to its next destination, I don’t know where that is. Its fragile elements; a few slide projectors, some vases, lanky shelving and drapes as well as a curious synchronizing device known as ‘The Nugget’ have been carefully placed into crates, labeled and rolled into white vans by young men. The gallery space that situated it returns briefly to its neutral state, before the next artist's uncompromising vision is manifested upon its floors.  I... [more]
Posted by Aaron Carpenter on 1/24/12

Still Life with The Triumphant Carrot

by Aaron Carpenter
        In a supreme gesture of equity, this response includes exactly ten words on each of the thirty artists included in the exhibition. Aside from an almost pathological desire for fairness (and brevity) on behalf of the author, this methodology was employed to conform to the pre-conscribed (downward) word count for this article. Robert Arndt Digitally panned curios invite reverie into the psychology of arrangement.   Sam Taylor-Wood A time-lapse rotting rabbit carcass... [more]
Posted by Aaron Carpenter on 6/7/10