Museum Modern Art

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© Courtesy of Museum Modern Art Hünfeld
© Courtesy of Museum Modern Art Hünfeld
Museum Modern Art
Hersfelder Str. 25
36088 Hünfeld
Venue Type: Museum
Jürgen Blum
Open hours
Tuesday till Sunday 2 PM - 5 PM and with appointment
+49 -(0)6652-72433
+49 (0)6652 72433
adult 2,50 € youth 1,00 € family ticket 5,00 €

The former gasworks of Hünfeld, a building constructed during the time of Art Nouveau which is now preserved as a historical building, has hosted the Museum Modern Art Hünfeld since 1990. It owns a large collection of art, which has been compiled by Jürgen Blum-Kwiatkowski in many years and transferred to the city of Hünfeld as a gift. The special character of this collection results from the focus on constructive, concrete, conceptual and reductive streams of art.

The visitors experience eastern and western art not as an antagonism, but as equal and even complementary. They can see art without any meaningless classification in eastern or western art. The Museum Modern Art has become the center of Blum-Kwiatkowski's activities. A large part of his art collection, consisting of more than 4000 pieces, is also stored here.

The exhibitions take place in the main building, two old gas tanks, and a new pavilion, which connects the building with the tanks. On the premises of the museum and on a former railway embankment on the back of the main building a sculpture garden has been installed.

Since 2003 annual exhibitions have been arranged in the museum, which supplies about 30 to 40 rooms for the artists, one room for each artist. In addition to the exhibition, a catalogue with information about the artists and their work is published every year.

In cooperation with the New Space-Gallery Fulda and the Museum Modern Art Hünfeld the art association IDEA was founded.