Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona

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Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona
Montalegre 5
08001 Barcelona
Venue Type: Museum
October 4th - October 28th
Transitional States. Hormones at the Crossroads of Art and Science
Zaya Barroso, Gérard Chauvin, Camila Levy Daniel, Leyla de la Hoz, Pedro Giacomolli, Sarah Homewood, Juliet Jacques, Mango Chijo Tree and The Jayder, Marne Lucas aka CuntemporaryArtist, Mary Maggic, Orlando Myxx, Fox and Owl, Jennie Pedley, Raju Rage, Lanah Shaï, Marianna Simnett, Holly Slingsby, Immaginare T, Ker Wallwork
May 16th - October 21st
Black Light: Secret Traditions in Art Since the 1950s
Carlos Amorales, Kenneth Anger, Antony Balch, Jordan Belson, Wallace Berman, Forrest Bess, Joseph Beuys, William S. Burroughs, Marjorie Cameron, Francesco Clemente, Bruce Conner, aleister Crowley, René Daumal, Gino de Dominicis, louise despont, Nicolás Echevarría, Robert Frank, João Maria Gusmão, Brion Gysin, Jonathan Hammer, Frieda Harris, Derek Jarman, Jess, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Joan Jonas, Carl Gustav Jung, Matías Krahn, Wolfgang Laib, LeonKa, Goshka Macuga, Agnes Martin, Chris Martin, Henri Michaux, Grant Morrison, Tania Mouraud, Barnett Newman, Genesis P-Orridge, Pedro Paiva, Joan Ponç, Sun Ra, Harry Smith, Rudolf Steiner, Philip Taaffe, Antoni Tapies, Fred Tomaselli, Suzanne Treister, Vaccaro-Brookner, Ulla von Brandenburg, Terry Winters, Zush
October 24th - March 31st, 2019
Mònica Ibàñez Dalmau
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Tue-Sun 11-8; Closed Dec 25 and Jan1; Dates with restricted opening times (11-3) 24, 26, 31 December, 5 and 6 January
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The Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB) organizes and produces exhibitions, debates, festivals and concerts, programmes film cycles, courses and lectures, and encourages creation using new technologies and languages. It promotes artistic research in fields such as multimedia, backs research into exhibition formats, exports its in-house productions to other national and international arts centres, museums and institutions, and generates debate, thought and reflection on the theme of the city and the public domain, as well as other issues of current affairs. The CCCB also compiles materials that are available for public consultation, comprising its inheritance, its holdings and archives of exhibition formats, publications, digital archives, audiovisuals, and so on. It is a space open to groups of independent artists, creators and programmers, and to various bodies with which we have forged bonds over the years. Thanks to all of them, we can guarantee a quality multidisciplinary programme that furthers contemporary culture.

The CCCB is a public consortium created by the Diputació de Barcelona (Provincial Council) and the Ajuntament de Barcelona (Barcelona City Council). The body governing the consortium of the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona is the Board of Directors, chaired by the President of the Diputació de Barcelona with the Mayor of Barcelona as Vice President. Josep Ramoneda is the Centre's General Director.