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Internal observer. Night, 2008 Acrylic On Canvas 70x50 © Victor Lysakov
Shazina Gallery
Pokrovsky bulvar 14 Moscow
Russian Federation
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The owner of the Gallery Shazina Agrba that appreciating the ethic urge sent to the world by the masters of true art is of crucial importance and one of the gallery’s responsibilities is to attract attention to that. The basic idea of the successful art business is very simple – one should try to accumulate the best, buy what’s not yet hot, but is of high quality and good prospects. Exactly this way the best collections, whether private, corporate or belonging to museums, were made. And today they rule the cultural scene of the world and bring the highest returns … in time. Money is not the only thing that can be invested in art business; one can also invest the years spent in love with the beautiful. This love provides the cure for the ennui casted by the meritocracy of the works and the épataged post-modern games destined to quickly fade away.