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Bubble Fantasies

by Jessica Powers
The image can distort the magic of an idea, but true magical action transcends any singular or monolithic expression. When I last profiled Jason Hirata, he was convincing people, if only for a moment, that they were part of something magical and extra-ordinary through a series of poetic, cloak-and-dagger text messages. Now his images are simulacra of Bubble Tea posters - the kind you'd see in hanging sunbleached in Vietnamese cafés and pho houses. Hirata has created worked shoots, images... [more]
Posted by Jessica Powers on 11/14/11

Hashemi's Studiousness

by Jessica Powers
A bad way to start a review, but for as good a cause as can be expected: maybe the most curious and interesting objects start from places of banality and vulgarity, or just smell like them. “Object History Awareness,” an exhibition of new works by Sol Hashemi at 4Culture in Seattle, embodies this very dilemma. Cursory, shallow, and unwise glances would see the affectations of the young and whimsical, and make corresponding assumptions – he’s deifying mental illness, he’s a DIY copycat, all his... [more]
Posted by Jessica Powers on 3/1/10