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Gilgo Beach - A Physical Absence

           Over the past fifteen years, the “Ocean Parkway Serial Killer” targeted sex workers along this stretch of roadway, ultimately burying them at Gilgo Beach.  It is this series of events that Nick Kline examines in his exhibit, Gilgo Beach.  In a sterilized, clinical gallery space, the track lighting of a traditional gallery replaced with fluorescents, floor covered in stains that contrast the whiteness of the walls, Kline’s detailed, large-scale photographs create the air of a... [more]
Posted by shava2112 on 9/24/12

impressions of gilgo beach at open source gallery, brooklyn

you are in brooklyn, no, not that brooklyn. we are talking about the real brooklyn that you can never fully know. concrete, cars, people, and places form an abstract pattern of unruly democracy. like an islamic tile if such a thing could be ugly. in this brooklyn, in a tiny garage, reside monumental pictures of otherwise imperceptible details. you are also in gilgo beach and it's bright. you are also alice, but you are not in wonderland. you have not grown small but the impressions you are... [more]
Posted by Gary Baldwin on 9/25/12