Paper Kite Gallery

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Paper Kite Gallery
443 Main Street
Kingston, Pennsylvania 18704
Venue Type: Gallery
Open hours
Sundays Noon - 5 p.m.
prints/books, contemporary, emerging, experimental, performance, outsider/folk

Our Mission: Exhibit Art That Needs To Be Exhibited.

Paper Kite Gallery is committed to showcasing a wide range of interesting and provocative work on its well-lit walls. We seek to exhibit works of art that are contemporary, conceptual, and progressive; we especially appreciate the use of text in artwork. Gallery openings are part of our 3rd Friday Features and dovetail into poetry readings to encourage a mingling of the arts-minded and workshops in ekphrastic writing are planned around certain exhibitions.

In August of 2008 we made a radical departure from the traditional gallery program with our Anniversary Show at which all of the art exhibited was given away, for free, to anyone who wanted it. All of the art was donated by artists, and the gallery donated all of the other resources necessary to make it happen. It was such a huge success that we decided to make it an annual event.

Our Second Anniversary Show was a huge success. We gave away for FREE 86 pieces of artwork donated by 55 artists.

If you would like to donate a piece of art for the next August Anniversay show, please contact Gallery Coordinator and Curator David Hage, at info at

Submission Guidelines

Because we are currently booked through December of 2011, we are currently closed for submissions for exhibits. Please check back later for updates.