Visual Connections

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Visual Connections

southbroom Croc Farm
South Africa
March 31st, 2010 - April 6th, 2010

South Africa
landscape, figurative, modern, sculpture



An Exhibition by Three Duarte´s


The Exhibition will present works by Izidro Duarte, Everett Duarte and Frances Schandera Duarte.      A family of visual artists, bringing a spectrum of differences in the fields of realism, abstraction and sculpture. Realistic watercolours and sculptures by established father Izidro Duarte, abstract works by Everett Duarte and Frances Schandera Duarte, including the couples collaborative works under the alias Mpenja. The show combines both the strength of the African influence as well as connecting the three artists from the Duarte family.

The work:

Izidro Duarte is an established artist of nearly 40 years who expresses the African subject matter through two mediums. His unique watercolours and dynamic sculptures capture the elegant posture of the human figure in their native environment.

Everett Duarte creates medium to large format oil paintings, painted in his German studio through 2009. His abstract work shows a new balance of colour, influenced by the European light, although the subject matter remains truly African.

Frances Schandera Duarte balances the Trio with a minimalist approach to the abstract. Her inspiration is strongly based on the very graphic European winter landscape. New infusions of the African colour palette enrich her new work.

Mpenja is the merging of artists Everett and Frances Duarte. Their combined work is African based, both in subject matter and creation. The work captures the vibrant African light, with a fresh and compelling visual dialogue.


Opening 1st of April 2010 – 6th April 2010