Small Dark Worlds

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Small Dark Worlds
Curated by: Marianne Burrows

1604 Clay
Building 1 Floor 5
Detroit, Michigan 48202
March 13th, 2010 - April 10th, 2010
Opening: March 13th, 2010 8:00 PM - 1:00 AM

United States
By appointment only
White Room Productions
installation, performance, conceptual
5 dollars at opening


We all have dark places in our minds cultivated by fears, life experiences, lack of understanding, desperation, or confusion. By bringing these fears out of our minds and recreating them, we can exorcise these incredible demons. Small Dark Worlds will feature a group of artists exhibiting installations that explore the untouched parts of our minds.

It will be held at Motor City Movie House on March 13th. Marianne Audrey Burrows and Amanda Faye Cain of White Room Productions have selected a variety of artists that have a variety of creative backgrounds. A few of the artists will be incorporating performance art as accompanied interaction with their pieces.

This experience is $5, and is for individual 18 years and older, who can stomach facing reality.




White Room Productions seeks to accomplish awareness of new, radical, and mind-broadening ideas, not just within this exhibit, but within the entire creative community. Many Detroit artists are also appropriating alternative art spaces, and this is taking place in old buildings and people's homes, places not typical of gallery viewing, but expressive of the time. We feel in many ways that the arts community is on the forefront of evolving culture within the city. We're no longer looking at art as aesthetic creations on walls, and we're tapping into deeper societal connections, both local and global. We want people to walk away from these exhibits having shared an an experience, and not just a viewing. WRP is reaching out to all artists for their involvement as a unifying act that helps strengthen community ties. With so many negative connotations, Detroit has alongside its name, we are proud of the challenge towards becoming a worthy juxtaposition. In the face of post-industrialism Detroit, and America,, we are making moves to culturally impact our surroundings, plant seeds that cultivate positive, reactionary change, and reach beyond the struggle of what it means to be an artist in the 21st century.