Best Times

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© Tang Contemporary Art Bangkok
Best Times
Curated by: Zhang Yizhou

300-304, 3rd Floor, Golden Place Plaza, 153 Rajdamri Rd., Lumphini
10330 Bangkok
December 9th, 2009 - January 9th, 2010

+662 652 2732
Tuesday to Sunday 11am to 7pm (Closed on Public Holidays)


"Many inklings in life have no way to name, and hard to categorize, also don’t have important meaning, but they are always haunting in my heart. We think fondly of them not because their nicety, but for their loss forever, therefore we can only call up them in memory, so they become best times.”

- Hou Hsiao-hsien ("Three Times" director)


This exhibition is about nostalgia, memory, those old days which passed by; small moments and things once meaningful in life, the childhood filled with laughter and joy, the juvenile period carried away with rebellious and unruly, or those personal characters who passed away, the days we long for but can never go back.

There is always something affecting our feelings in life. They may not comprise of any extraordinary events, may not be of extreme emotions, yet they are hard to forget or yearn for without reasons. Through the hullabaloo and chaos, in the depths of time that we will never know, the enamored things which gone forever are always there like a flower in full bloom.

The best time is when we sigh and recall them while they fleeted away from you. Maybe we will only know it when we look back in memory; realizing things have changed with the passage of time.

These memories or yearnings for the old days culminated deep down in the hearts of the artists. They express their remembrance by putting them in their artworks, through shades of hues and brushstrokes.

Because of remembrance, the past days were best times.




The exhibition period is from early December to next year’s January. For the Thai people, there is Loy Krathong, and for international people, there are the Christmas and New Year period. This is a blessed season, and also a season full of gratitude and nostalgia. We will remember the best time in our lives.

This will be a warming and touching exhibition, just like drinking a cup of tea by the fire during cold winter night; reminiscing of the former episodes in life, finished of with a smile.