The Natural & The Manufactured 2010

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The Great Scattered Remnants, 2005 Installation © Evans/Honda/McKenzie/ODD Gallery
Paris, Ontario, 1951, 1982 Collage © Christopher Dewdney
Terrain Vague, 2010 Concrete © Donna Akrey
The Natural & The Manufactured 2010
Curated by: Lance Blomgren

ODD Gallery, Klondike Institute of Art & Culture
Bag 8000, 902 2nd Ave.
Dawson City, Yukon Y0B 1G0
August 12th, 2010 - September 18th, 2010
Opening: August 12th, 2010 7:00 PM - 12:00 AM

installation, performance, conceptual, landscape, sculpture


The ODD Gallery is pleased to present The Natural & The Manufactured 2010 , the sixth incarnation of our annual thematic exhibition and research project dedicated to the exploration of our cultural, economic and aesthetic conceptions of environment, locality and landscape. 

Through a series of exhibitions, actions, writings, artist talks, lectures and concerts, the N&M 2010 offers a set of speculative propositions toward a new framework of regarding the ongoing barter between our reliance on natural, often fragile, ecological systems and inherent necessity of socialization. 

Although extremely diverse in conception and design, the projects share a fascination with ideas of impermanence, translocality and temporal anachromism. Subverting our normalized, staid binaries of nature and culture, wilderness and constructed environment, or even organic and inorganic, the N&M 2010 projects suggest that our current locale and landscape--perhaps even our current moment--are perhaps best viewed as a near simultaneous overlapping of interests and interactions, rather than a regulated system of  certainties and definitions. As such, the projects posit the Natural and Manufactured elements of life as non-static events, a dispursal, a constant negotiation. A placeless place, a timeless time, a zone where the instability of social reality can offer ideas for change, innovation, inspiration and resistance.



Scott Evans, Emi Honda & Jordan McKenzie
ODD Gallery Installation
Artist talk and reception: Thursday, August 12, 7pm

Working through the KIAC Artist in Resience Program, Evans, Honda and McKenzie from Victoria and Montreal spent six-weeks as KIAC Artists in Residence conceiving, planning, constructing and installing their installation at the ODD Gallery. Boreal Growths is a growing, immersive environment that incorporates natural, organic material, found objects, altered post-consumer detritus, low-fi electronics and sound to locate sites of symbiosis and tension between nature and human society. Part dream world, part environmental critique, this installation is at once lush, wondrous, confounding and cautionary; the Edenic promise of the overgrown paradise takes on uncanny, sometimes apocalyptic overtones in this work as the typically "natural" reveals its own artifice and the patently artificial acts naturally. More of a phenomenological experience than an exhibition to be viewed, Boreal Growths highlights the role of human consciousness and perception within our evolving understanding of the limited culture/nature dichotomy.

Donna Akrey
Public Installation/Interventions
Artist talk and reception: Thursday, August 12, 7pm

Donna Akrey's project features a series of overlapping elements, both physical and conceptual, that function at the intersection of public installation, sculpture, intervention, performative gesture, and collaborative action.  While in Dawson City, the Montreal-based artist will first be preparing a large-scale sculptural edition of small hand-held objects that will be placed throughout the city for serendipitous discovery. Fabricated in the appearance of river-worn stones, upon closer inspection these sculptures depict urban topographies and apologetic messages that suggest the role of the natural world on our civilising impulses, and the often destructive environmental and cultural repercussions of human socialization. Akrey's second component will take place as a collaborative production line set within the context of KIAC's Yukon Riverside Arts Festival. During the Festival weekend, Akrey will be on-site inviting the public to watch and join her in a process of mass-producing objects of "nature." A ceremonial public installation of the resulting manufactured objects will conclude Akrey's project.


Christopher Dewdney
Public Lecture
Friday, August 13, 2010, 7:30pm

Dewdney's writings and lectures are defined by a highly individualized cross-disciplinary approach to his chosen subjects. For over 30 years, Dewdney has creating a highly innovative body of work that routinely draws upon and interrogates the fields of natural history, neurophysiology, media studies, linguistics, literature and evolutionary biology. For his keynote lecture, Dewdney will be presenting new, original research into the reciprocal relationship between our environment and our human mechanisms for understanding and describing it. Using "Strange Days" as both a theme and theme song for his address, Dewdney will be looking at the intimate relationship between language, evolution, consciousness and technology.

Natural & Manufactured Sound
 Saturday, July 17, 2010
Artist Talks | Odd Fellows Ballroom 1:00 pm
Elfin Saddle Concert | St. Paul's Anglican Church, 8:00pm

The ODD Gallery is pleased to present N&M Sound in partnership with the Dawson City Music Festival (DCMF). This addition to the Natural & The Manufactured series explores the world of sound art within the conceptual context of the N&M framework. The sonic projects by Broken Deer (Lindsay Dobbin from Whitehorse, Yukon) and Elfin Saddle (Jordan McKenzie, Emi Honda and Nathan Gage from Montreal), share an interest in site-specificity,  place and environment as they relate to sound production, as well as sustained fascination with the fluid boundaries between produced and "natural" sounds, and the relationship between visual art and music. Both of these art-sound projects find inspiration in hybrid forumulations of sound, the recording process, and the specifc contexts where sound can be found or presented. Their work often spills over into  video work and other visual forms.


Lance Blomgren

Jen Laliberte
To be released September 2010.