Egyptian Rituals

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Egyptian Rituals

11 Brazil Street, Zamalek
1111 Cairo

November 8th, 2009 - December 2nd, 2009
Opening: November 8th, 2009 8:11 AM - 2:12 AM

(202) 2 735 1240
Sat-Thu 10:30-9
mixed-media, figurative, modern, traditional


This collection was inspired by a journey tracing the roots of Egyptian culture, which is, in fact, made up of a compelling array of social and folkloric customs.

Indeed, I find these traditional practices, which represent our cultural heritage, both fascinating and unique. Ritualistic values are based on the premise that rituals are essentially symbolic events conveying a set of social ethics. We only have to look at the walls of Ancient Egyptian temples, Coptic relics, Islamic mosaics and folk tales and legends to realize that rituals have mirrored the daily practices of Egyptian society since ancient times.

Rituals collectively provide a record of scenes from the everyday life of Egyptians throughout the ages. I personally feel rituals offer a multi-layered glimpse of a human narrative that is at the same time mystical, expressive, emotional, intriguing and deeply meaningful. In fact, it was the reassuring presence of rituals found in the fabric of everyday life all over Egypt that sparked my exploratory voyage into its cities and villages, broad avenues and narrow alleyways, triggering memories of old and beloved places.My foray also plunged me into the timeless rites of life's major events such as births, christenings, marriage celebrations, and feast days in short, the inventory of human experiences that are traditionally celebrated in Egypt.

This collection entitled "Egyptian Rituals" is a labor of love born out of a deep spiritual and innate reverence for those rituals that have become part of my identity. My works depict vivid and detailed tableaux using different perspectives, angles and focal points.At a subjective level, these scenes bring forth an innovative contemporary concept, allowing the aesthetic and the descriptive into the realm of Egyptian rituals.