Linfa Sintetica

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Installation view © Ciocca Arte Contemporanea
Installation view © Ciocca Arte Contemporanea
Linfa Sintetica

Via Lecco 15
20124 Milan
October 13th, 2009 - November 28th, 2009
Opening: October 13th, 2009 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

+39 02 29530826
Thurs-Sat 2-7:30; by appointment
sound, installation


On Tuesday 13th October, Ciocca Arte Contemporanea will be inaugurating the first show in Milan of the neapolitan artists Daniela Di Maro and Roberto Pugliese. Ivy Noise welcomes the visitor, transporting him in an interactive environment, originated from the fusion between sound and image.

Black wires will invade the gallery's white walls: the wires will hang on the surfaces covering the walls, the ceiling and the windows, like a creeping ivy with long stringy branches.
The nourishment of this plant isn't the light, but the sounds and the noises of the visitors that come in the gallery; these sounds will be recorded by a particular software, modified during a process similar to the photosynthesis, and returned to the gallery's sapces through speakers that bloom on the branches, like buds.

This “other reality” created by the art work, transports the visitor back in a lost time of contemplation, amazement and surprise for the unpredictability of Nature. To plunge in this surreal scenery, it allows to have a temporary escape from what surround us, and it becomes the chance to look inside our inner self. At the same time the installation break the wall that traditionally divides technological development and ecology, creating a multi-sense universe that involves the visitor, making him the protagonist and an essential part of this ecosystem. Electricity and nature melt togheter in a work that examines the relationship between human kind, technology and nature and the main role of human perception and human action.

Daniela Di Maro (Naples, 1977) has a BA in visual arts at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Napoli. Roberto Pugliese (Naples, 1982) has a BA in electronic music at the Conservatorio San Pietro Majella di Napoli. Their artistic collaboration starts in 2006. Their major exhibitions include: Airswap, Napoli, 2009, by Mara De Falco; Ivy Noise, AKNEOS GALLERY, Napoli, 2009 by Mara De Falco; Entanglement 2, le decisioni delle particelle, Fondazioni Idis, Città della Scienza, Napoli, 2009 by Alessandra Drioli; Biennale d'arte dei Giovani, Fabbrica, Gambettola (FC), 2009; VROOM: Mobile Video Art Room, Milano, 2008 by Videoart Yearbook; Videoart Book, III videorassegna, 2008 by Renato Barilli and Dipartimento delle Arti Visive dell'Università di Bologna; Audiovisiva 5.0, Milano, 2008 by; ViDea 2, videorassegna, 2008 by Massimo Bignardi, Claudia Gennari and Marcella Ferro; D'impulso, MLAC Museo Laboratorio di Arte Contemporanea, Università Sapienza di Roma, 2008 by Daniela Tortora; Echi Temporanei – nuovissima generazione di artisti in Campania, FRAC Convento Francescano della Santissima Trinità, Baronissi (SA), 2007 by Marcella Ferro.