INVITATION_RO-MD/Moldova in Two Scenarios Publication launch

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INVITATION_RO-MD/Moldova in Two Scenarios Publication launch
Curated by: Stefan Rusu

Banulescu Bodoni 5, ap-2,
Moldova, Republic of
May 22nd, 2009 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Moldova, Republic of
mixed-media, photography, installation, video-art, performance, conceptual, pop, landscape


RO-MD/Moldova in Two Scenarios Publication launch

Period: 22 of May, 2009, 18.00

Location: Center for Contemporary Art-KSAK, Chisinau, Rep. Moldova

Address: str. Banulescu Bodoni 5, ap-2, Chisinau

The project publication summarizes the sense of interaction between artists and experts involved in the project, as well as the results of investigated and researched aspects that were in focus of contemporary art practice. The publication includes the artist projects and contributions resulted after interdisciplinary workshop, seminars and production sessions. One of the chapters is dedicated to the current cultural, social and political situation in two Moldova regions with texts and contributions by: Sorin Bocancea (political annalist), Flavius Solomon (historian), Igor Casu (historian), Petru Negura (sociologist), Matei Bejenaru (artist/curator) and Stefan Rusu (artist/curator). The other chapter is dedicated to the presentation of curatorial practices and artistic strategies exploring the contexts of some divided (split up) territories by: Catalin Gheorghe (curator, counter theorist), Laura Schleussner/Berlin, Lilia Dragneva (curator), Binna Choi (curator) and contributions by invited visual artists: Bik Van der Pol (Lisbethe Bik and Jos Van der Pol), Iratxe Jaio&Klaas van Gorkum, Tilmann Meyer-Faje, Ilya Rabinovich, Gulsun Karamstafa.

The publication also presents visual art projects and films realized by visual artists from Romania and Republic Moldova: Aurelia Mihai, Dan Acostioaei, Alexandru Grigoras, Lavinia German, Dimitru Oboroc, Violeta Ionita, Tatiana Fiodorova, Vadim Tiganas, Vladimir Us, Vladimir Us, Denis Bartenev, Maxim Cusmenco, Ghenadie Popescu, Veaceslav Druta, Igor Scerbina, Lucia Macari.


The RO-MD/Moldova in Two Scenarios project aim was to investigate by juxtaposing the current cultural, social and political situation in two Moldova regions. The joint actions undertaken by the project teams from the KSAK - Centre for Contemporary Art in Chisinau and that from the Vector Association in Iasi are nothing else, but an attempt to create a rapprochement and to understand the nature of the relationship between Romanian and Moldovan societies at the present stage, to analyze the causes and effects of a shared historical and identitary trajectory in the context of divided regions and societies.

RO-MD/Moldova in Two Scenarios is a project organized by the Center for Contemporary Art, Chisinau in partnership with VECTOR Association, Iasi

The project was supported by the Romanian Cultural Institute through

the CANTEMIR Program, Bucharest; PATTERNS Program /ERSTE Foundation,

Vienna and MONDRIAAN Stichting, Amsterdam.

*Center for Contemporary Art-[KSA:K] is a non-profit, independent institution registered in the year 2000. The new strategy of the Center is the development of cultural forms and art practices, which would reflect the dynamic of the social, political and economic transformations of the society. Center supports the advocacy activities in promoting of cultural policies suitable for the defining and the consolidation of artist position and contemporary art practices in the society. (

* Vector> Association is a non-profit cultural association that provides the production of exhibition and educational programs, research and editing activities, analyzes of the relations between the art practices and visual culture in socio-political context. Vector> supports those practices related to social re-articulation, political consciousness and economical transformation that brings critical analyses that could offer reinterpretations of the attitudes and behavior from the perspective of cultural action. (

Stefan Rusu – visual artist/curator

RO-MD/Moldova in two scenarios project curator

Details about the project:

Centrul pentru Arta Contemporana, Chisinau -[KSA:K]
Address: str. Banulescu Bodoni 5, ap-2,

post code 2000, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
tel/fax: +37322 237272