(some future, sometime)

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(some future, sometime)
Curated by: David Sanchez Burr

821 Las Vegas Boulevard North
Las Vegas, NV 89101
May 8th, 2009 - June 12th, 2009
Opening: May 15th, 2009 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

United States
The City of Las Vegas Cultural Affairs Department
mixed-media, photography, installation, performance, conceptual, pop, figurative, sculpture


An art exhibit featuring the work of 6 artists residing in various parts of the United States of America.

(Some Future - Sometime)

17 things about (Some Future, Sometime)

The future is (blank)
The future is a motif that frequents an artists mind.
In the life of most artists foretelling is manifested through their work, through indeterminacy, or through speculation.
A long and spirited set of attempts to discern futures precedes us.
We mold our own visions, we are captured between futures mediated by the spectacle and subtle glances at things that give light to a path unknown.
Linearity or chaos?
We use the visual field to generate an oscillation between now, then, and sometime.
The artist can conjure images that often remind one of some place, sometime.
The artist sets the stage for eventuality as their work wanders through the mind of the spectator.
The artist can re-organize what happens next.
Imagination and vision are a hurricane of visitations from past, present and future. 
Discerning the future is similar to a self-administered polygraph.
Intertwining, the past and present, the real and unreal, the true or untrue, the imaginary, utopian and visionary, generates ideas about futures.
Futures are manifested in dreams, ideas of the self, ideas of the landscape.
Whether capturing an image, setting circumstances for interaction, or plotting courses based on observation, all eventualities lead to an uncertain and unknown.
Interaction with art will sometimes cause an unexpected shift on what lies ahead.
“ Some Future, Sometime” is an exhibit about the future in retrospect, works of art can cause eventuality, elaborate on time and to some extent… foretell.