Harbour Art Fair Hong Kong, March 29 - April 1, 2019

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Harbour Art Fair Hong Kong, March 29 - April 1, 2019

No. 3 Canton Road, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Marco Polo Hotel Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
February 11th - February 11th




From March 29 to April 1, 2019 Harbour Art Fair Hong Kong is returning to Hong Kong Art Basel Week this spring. Collectors are invited to view original artworks by emerging and established artists from Asia and around the world hosted at Marco Polo Hotel Hong Kong. Harbour Art Fair Hong Kong is open daily from 12 noon to 8 pm.


The selected artists are represented by Gallery AHC PROJECTS Hamburg (Germany). The art historian and curator Dr. Barbara Aust-Wegemund is talking about her exhibition concept titled Songs of Innocence: "Nature is in the crisis, although we know that nature is our living source. The desire to understand nature goes back to William Blake‘s „Songs of Innocence and Experience“ in the 18th century. The poet and painter believed that innocence and experience were "the two contrary states of the human soul", and that true innocence was impossible without any experience. Blake’s „Songs of Innocence“ dramatize the naive hopes and fears that inform the lives of children and trace their transformation as the child grows into adulthood.“

The exhibition „Songs of Innocence“ offers an insight into the question of how contemporary artists view and respond to the natural world. Is there an idea of nature as something that can be studied, controlled, and constructed? In contrast to the vision of a carefully cultivated garden, there is the aspect to regard nature as an unknown, wild zone, including the forces of nature, hurricanes or flash flood caused by climatic change.


        Minna AHLBERG, 2019, They Will Come Back,

        Acrylic Paint, Collage on Canvas, 30x30 cm


Born in Finnland, since 2001 living in Switzerland, Minna Ahlberg is a multilevel artist widely considered one of the key trailblazers of Finnish contemporary visual arts. She received her first solo exhibition in 2009 in Unterägeri in Switzerland and has exhibited internationally at galleries in Munich, Berlin, Montreux and Zurich.

Her works are an elegant assemblage of fine art, Finnish mythology and personal experience with paintings and collages that conjure up a surreal world of rituals and memories in which childhood's innocence and pure nature come to the end. The emerging artist who has been invited to Art Basel week is able to capture the still of the night, while exploring memory constructions.




Claudia BLÄSI, 2019, Graham Street,

Oil, Mixed Media on Canvas, 31x31 cm


Claudia Bläsi is a visual artist, born in Germany, carrying an ironical and social commentary in her artworks, which mix Street Art and Photography. The emerging artist and global networker, is a member of the renowded German Artists Association BBK, residing in Munich (Germany). Reflecting on her last excursion in Hong Kong in 2018 during Hong Kong Art Week, her multisensory collages transmit the wide variety of what she saw and experienced during her stay. The result is the creation of an immersive, high-impact narrative artwork that nods at the ways in which we share and consume experiences today in the urban jungle, somehow bizarre, fragile, fresh, organic.





Jacqueline BORNER, 2018, Moonstones,

Acrylic, Mixed Media, Silk Tissue on Canvas, 40x40 cm


Jacqueline Borner was born 1965 in Schaffhausen, Switzerland and studied at the Art Academy Zurich. Her works have been exhibited at Kulturforum Laufen, Artist Studio Obere Fabrik, Künstlerhaus S11 Solothurn, Kraftwerk Augst, Galerie Hammer (Basel), Kraftwerk Augst, Kunsthalle Artefiz (Zurich) among others. She is a member of the Swiss Artists Assoziation SGBK. Jacqueline Borner is reducing the form to floating color circles against a smooth colored ground. Suggesting infinity in numerous variations of color and tone, her new series "Moonstones" evokes an astonishing variety of atmospheres and moods, symbolizing balance, harmony, the sublime by the use of silk tissue on canvas.






Peter GARTZ, 2018, Blue Hour,

Ink, Pencil and Chalk on Paper, 16x10 cm


Peter GARTZ born 1933, living and working in Hamburg (Germany) received his early drawing lessons by Gerhard Stengel, a master of the renowned Leipzig School and studied Fine Arts in Hamburg. His portrait nude drawings are the result of intensive observation and excellent craftsmanship. In contrast to the gloss and media world, he never acts voyeuristic but always respects the personality of the models. Peter Gartz, who is also an award-winning photographer, created a series titled "Blue Hour", making reference to the brief period of twilight at dawn and dusk when the reality appears to a state of suspension and dreaminess.






Marina HAUSER, 2019, Paeonia Goes Round,

Acrylic, Mixed Media, 50x50 cm



Born in Switzerland, Marina Hauser lives and works in Glarus, Switzerland. She has been graduated of the Art Academy Zurich, and has exhibited at contemporary art galleries including Kunsthaus Glarus Center of Contemporary Art, and Artgallery333 in Wädenswil. Marina Hauser creates inventive traditional landscape and old master stillife paintings using modern techniques including digital media, giving the age-old medium of landscape art a fresh and contemporary relevance. Using her own photography as a starting point, Marina Hauser then digitally manipulates these images before she paints her unique original works, resulting in fragmented and disjointed compositionss that take the traditional tranquil beauty of nature and interweave it with color and complexity.




Ai-Wen WU KRATZ, 2018, Color Logic II, Red,

Acrylic on Canvas, 25,4 x 25,4 cm



Ai-Wen Wu Kratz is a native of Hong Kong. The painter, philosopher and philanthropist received her academic degrees in Painting, Printmaking and Mathematics in the U.S.A. where she currently lives and works. Her artworks are represented by Art History Consulting (AHC), Hamburg, Germany and by Agora Gallery, New York City, U.S.A. Ai-Wen Wu Kratz about her work: “My search in the visual art is spirituality, intellectualism and aesthetics. I draw my inspirations from nature, literature, classical music, stage designs, vocal art, choreographic lines in ballet and modern dance. I dream of delivering peace and happiness to others through my artworks.”




Jeannine PLATZ, 2019,In the Middle of the Harbour,

Acrylic and Copper Leaf on Canvas, 50x50 cm


The paintings of Jeannine Platz are centered on linearity and space, inspired by the endless horizons and misty landscape of the harbour waterfront. The artist, who is living in the habour city Hamburg, has created a new series of works featuring the harbour in different distances. The use of gold, silver and copper leafs on canvas points out the frequencies of day and midnight lights, colors and moods. The trained painter, multimedia designer, actor, environment and global save-nature-activist who has been educated by Kazuaki Tanahashi in East Asian callygraphy, is creating unique works of golden and misty atmospheres. Illuminated with red and pink polka dots and lines, massive containerships and dockside crans are flickering on sunset. 





Marika ROSENIUS, 2018, Deep in the Roots III,

Scratches, Acrylics on Wood, 22x21 cm


Marika Rosenius is a Finnish wood artist, currently living and working in Zurich, Switzerland. Due to her past as a cabinet maker, her technique starts by carving and scraping onto wooden boards with her numerous woodworking tools, so remaining wood splinters are an essential part in her compositions. The process is followed by painting several layers of earthy color tones using acrylic paints and pigments until a painterly impression is obtained. About her work she explains:"Today many people are disconnected from the importance of nature and prefer to exploit it rather than nurturing it. By creating my forests and landscapes I intend to portray a sense of tranquility as well as to emphasize the immense driving power nature is able to convey."




Saskia SALAMON, 2018-2019, Untitled (1/4),

Acrylic on Canvas, 50x50 cm


The artist Saskia Salamon is living and working in Berlin, Germany. The emerging visual artist is creating compelling abstract paintings in a mixed media technique. Characterzied by vibrant colors and an abstract expressive, dynamic painting style Saskia Salamon visualizes the energy of the earth. Living in a vibrant city, surrounded by an active uprising contemporary art scene, Salamon is exploring new ways of creating art, reinventing the canvas with gestual and energetic lines and spaces. In her new processual compositions, color, structure, and space are combined to upload a sublime presence and flow, involving the viewer simultaneously.