Harbour Art Fair Hong Kong, March 23-26, 2018

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Harbour Art Fair Hong Kong, March 23-26, 2018

No. 3 Canton Road, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Marco Polo Hotel Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
February 7th, 2018 - February 7th, 2018




Imagine the Invisible

Art Basel Hong Kong Week 2018


Harbour Art Fair Hong Kong is returning to Hong Kong Art Basel Week this spring. The Show opens on March 23rd and continues until the 26th at the Marco Polo Hotel Hong Kong with more than 50 exhibitors. Collectors are invited to view original artworks by emerging and established artists from Asia and around the world. Harbour Art Fair Hong Kong is open daily from 12 noon to 8 pm and is located at Kowloon Harbour City, known as the most popular leisure place, benefitting from the vibrant cultural lab and the new opened Hong Kong Art Museum M+ Pavillion and Art Park, designed by VPANG Architects, JET Architecture and Lisa Cheung. The success of Art Basel has enhanced Hong Kong‘s status as a world arts center.

The curator Dr. Barbara Aust-Wegemund, director at Gallery AHC PROJECTS HAMBURG, is invited to participate with a curated exhibition. About her concept and intention, the curator and art historian explains:

„With the title "Imagine the Invisible", the show comprises the works of emerging artists, connected by a shared interest exploring the form and space, the role of perception and the innovative use of materials and technology to create meaningful artworks. The participating artists pioneered new ways of making visionary artworks and objects to give the observer a unique and original visual experience.  "Imagine the Invisible" takes the observer to a visionary journey into the shadowy borderland between truth and memory, between illusion and reality, form and space, to produce artworks of unforgettable power, performance and innovation."


Claudia Bläsi has been wandering the streets of Hong Kong since the 1990s. Carrying an ironical and social commentary, her artworks mix Street Art and Photography. The visual artist, who is a member of the German Artists Association BBK, residing in Munich (Germany) at Atelierhaus am Domagpark, has a longterm relationship to East Asian culture and contemporary art. She has been invited to exhibit in Cao Changdi Chaoyang District (Beijing, China), New Space Art Foundation (Hue, Vietnam), Shanghai Art Garden (Shanghai Fengxian District, China), Swatch Art Peace Hotel Collection (Shanghai, China). Cute or creepy, cartoonish or realistic are the fancy street artworks by Claudia Bläsi, which characterize the urban landscape from the Flaneur's point of view, among them her new work "Hong Kong mon amour", a series as part of a larger bizarre narrative scene. 




The stunning expressive paintings of the renowned visual artist HE Ping are dominated by contrasting colors and extraordinary technique of paint application by using thick and intense calligraphy brush strokes. The Shanghai based artist tries to use paintbrush as an extension of his soul, allowing it to spontaneously breathe life into his artwork. Coming from a dreamy world, situated on the vague borderlines between the visible and invisible, HE Ping's strong and contrasted images are fragmented and reconstructed abstractions of endless spaces and forms in motion, filled with overwhelming passion and emotions. HE Ping:" The world is very huge and the universe is vast without boundary, while people know little about it. When perceiving the power of celestial body and deities, I found the invisible shape, color and light. Tremendous energy is all around. When I’m grateful with my most pious heart and having a dialogue with them, a feeling of awe arises from the bottom of my heart. It builds up endless celestial beauty and presents its power for the inanimate architecture movement for which I’m exploring and very joyful." Combining calligraphy art, abstraction and motion, HE Ping's work is characterized by essence, commitment and inner freedom. Follow an interview with HE Ping by Shanghai TV art channel here


Copyright HE PING


Hyunsoo Kim was born in 1975 born in Gu-Hang, Hongseong-Gun, South Korea. The artist who is living in Bonn, Germany, studied Architecture and Interior Design in Seoul (South Korea) and University of Technology Kaiserslautern (Germany). Involved in the process to scetch shapes and forms in architecture, her artworks explore new boundaries and shift the lines between balance and imbalance, strength and fragility. Hyunsoo Kim: "As an artist, I am concerned with human, social, and political issues. I try to present my point of view on those issues through color, texture, and construction – and in my recent works, adding collage in order to express different kinds of reality. By applying layers of paint that are then partially scraped off by a palette knife, the multi-layered surfaces are supposed to keep the viewer's eye in constant motion. More in the sense of an open space I would characterize my painting style as "visual music," and hope my paintings will create a resonance between my message and the viewers’ feelings."




Carole Kohler  is a contemporary fine artist who creates abstract paintings and installations and recently includes video productions. Her works respond directly to the surrounding, natural environment and everyday experiences. The Swiss artist who has been educated in Decoration and Fine Arts at the Art Academy in Biel-Bienne was working as a stage designer and painter, interior designer, sculptor and landart artist. Driven by her inner force to explore the globe and the elements of earth, she realized cultural projects with First Nations people in South Africa, Namibia, Thailand to care about human rights and indigenous wildlife.

Finding her inspiration in the world around us, Carole Kohler mostly works with natural elements, pigments, sand, natural found objects taken from her journeys that represent the inner energy of the earth. Regarding her working principles, "nature, movement, color, aesthetics, liberty, change, order, ideas, focus and balance", the works of Carole Kohler may at first sight not express recognisable forms, as the results are deconstructed to the extent that meaning is multi-layered.  But at second sight the viewer may construct his/ her own imagination, based on hidden emotions and gained experiences, which suddenly appear to be visible. Featuring fluid and thick brushstrokes and surfaces that intersect, overlap, and interact with one another, her artworks illustrate an evolving aesthetic approach, silence, spirit and soul - to explore with augmented reality, when Kohler's paintings become alive via ARTIVIVE app.




Born in 1980 in Germany, Ulrike Stolte, earned her Diploma in Arts and Graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden (Germany) and became alumni of Professor Ralf Kerbach. During her studies, she completed courses at art academies in Australia and London and received a scholarship at the renowned Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan (Italy). The Berlin-based artist is playing with symmetry and chaos, colors, patterns and lines, while rhythms and forms are confusing the viewers perception.



Stolte's significance lies in the fact that she restored what modernism had rejected in fine arts and design: colour, composition, opulence. With an ingenious ease, she combines ostensible antagonists, textile craftsmanship and contemporary art, pop culture and high culture, playful décor with masterful reduction, construction and sensuality. Ulrike Stolte eliminates hierarchies among mediums by disrupting conventional ideas about women and handcraft. Historically defined as “women’s work,” handcraft remains a gendered topic in art. Her work is focused on unconventional materials or labor-intensive techniques to upend tradition to suit aesthetic and intellectual purposes.


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