Captivated By Color: The Mimi and Perk Wilson Collection of Indian Paintings

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The Horse Race of Rawat Gokul Das and Gyan Singh, BAGTA (Artist), 1811 Opaque Watercolor On Paper © Mimi and Perk Wilson Collection
Captivated By Color: The Mimi and Perk Wilson Collection of Indian Paintings

200 N. Boulevard
23220-4007 Richmond
April 7th, 2017 - January 21st

Sat-Wed 10-5; Thu-Fri 10-9


For decades, Mimi Wilson Dozier was the impassioned ringleader of VMFA’s Friends of Indian Art. Together with former curator Dr. Joseph M. Dye III she introduced a generation of Richmond-area residents to the subcontinent’s enchanting artistic creations. Encouraged by her husbands, Perk and Kemp, Mimi gradually amassed a first-rate collection of Indian miniature paintings.

The Image of Sri Nathji Enshrined at Nathadwara, ca. 1830-1840, opaque watercolor, gold, and silver on paper. Mimi and Perk Wilson Collection

These 24 works, now on view in the museum’s Indian Pavilion Gallery, include superb examples from many of North India’s myriad regional painting schools. They are presented in a loosely thematic arrangement that foregoes art history’s typical chronological and geographic march, instead allowing the viewer to consider images created across periods and places, related to one another by subject matter.

What initially drew this Richmond collector to Indian paintings was their bright colors, flat surfaces, and stylized figures. With time, she became every bit as delighted by these works’ subtleties and sophistications. VMFA’s visitors now have the opportunity to be captivated, by these paintings’ colors, their intricacies, and their transporting charm.

Dr. John Henry Rice, E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Curator of South Asian and Islamic Art